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nezra132 Feb 24, 2016

Also please forgive the creative typos that come with speed writing. Although I do enjoy mad-up words and Command Themes, I doubt many people will immediately realize that I was merely rushed. It's usually pretty obvious what I meant to say.

nezra132 Feb 24, 2016

Hello! Thanks for the constructive criticism! I will take it into account :D

This list has a built-in bonus of being instructional, yes, but also serves as a log for myself about what I think of each anime as I finish it. Therefore, I do occasionally employ some mad-up words, selective vocabulary, awkward hashtags, and random capotilization for Emphatic Notation of Command and Recurring Themes.

In most instances, I use "tropey" to refer to something that employs a large number of tropes, or commonalities in storytelling. While tropes are not inherently bad, they are common, and excessive use of anything too common will make your show/plot/character/setting feel...bland. For example, a tropey cast might include a cardboard collection of a tsundere, a kuudere, a Genki Girl, and That Generic Nice Guy Protag, each basically one dimensional in their presentation and development.

As for what I like and what I dislike, I've recently been trying to TLDR that at the end of each mini-review by saying things like "Do recommend" or "Watch when dead." This stands in contrast to summaries of how I personally view a work relative to the general popular opinion I see; in this instance I will use terms like "Overrated" or "Underrated" with the occasional descriptive adverb tacked on for emphasis ("severely," "tremendously," "slightly," or the boring but useful "very").

See my actual anime list for ratings I give each of these shows as well. I rate primarily based on comparitive quality within genres, with a little boost or detraction based on personal enjoyment (again, which fluctuates depending on genre; I will rate a Cute Girls Doing Cute Things show more based on personal enjoyment than uniqueness, for example).

Daily reminder that no one is allowed to have mixed opinions and balance pros and cons on the internet; we either must LOVE something or HATE it. I try to find that balance, hence why sometimes you may find it difficult to determine how much I truly enjoyed a show.

Ask any time for specific clarification or more details! I'm free in the evenings :D

Chaika777 Nov 29, 2014

Hello Purple-san!

I'm also a psychology major (finished my BA two weeks ago) and the story was somewhat convoluted, recondite, and farfetched during the first 5-10 episodes of season III. I didn't compreehend why Yuji enigmatically vanished and unceremoniously reappeared as the snake gof festival. I wondered what transpired from the conlcusion of SII with them obliderating the clock tower constructed by Hecate into the sinister reincarnation of his former self. Overall, the anecdote was invigoratingly fascianting because it reminded me of A Certain Magical Index & A Certain Scientific Railgun amalgamated into Shakugan no Shana with a hint of Aria The Scarlet Ammo. Personally, I'd prefer Index over the show, but it was such a beautiful compelling archetype that it astounded me. I agree with you to an extent on certain aspects mentioned in your biased review, but I tend to keep an optimistic eye open towards anime.


HiddenNugget May 18, 2014

Hi there, and welcome to Anime Planet! I hope you enjoy your time here, I like your avatar ^~^ xo