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Antisocialkitty Jul 9, 2016

I love your reviews!!!!! 

cakeorrdeath Jun 24, 2016

Read your review of kingdom 2 and found it really helpful. Checked out your page and found you rate anime very simlarly to me so I decided to follow you as a good resource to find anime I havent seen but might like.

Thanks and keep up the good reviews!

ShoumaTaka Jun 20, 2016

I'm surprised that on your least favorite you don't Like Baka To Test 

DENelson83 Jun 18, 2016

Those titles on my red list are in fact exclusive to Hulu in the US, and cannot be legally streamed at all in Canada as a consequence.  And that includes the original of my one and only favourite, Sailor Moon, which I ended up having to source entirely on my own directly from the Japanese market.

DENelson83 Jun 14, 2016

> "People in Canada can't acess sites like animesub.tv or anime-sub.com or youtube or gogo anime or sites like that?"

I am referring to legal ways to watch such titles online.  All of those sites that you referred to, other than YouTube, are pirate sites.  And the only way Canadians would somehow be able to watch those titles on YouTube would be if pirates uploaded them.  There is a very pronounced anime licencing divide between the US and Canada, and none of the middlemen in charge of these titles in the US seem interested in closing or even narrowing this divide.