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Veral42 Sep 9, 2016


Hey, thanks a lot for the follow!  Hope you're enjoying your stay on Anime-Planet!  :D



Yami Aug 5, 2016

Hello, I checked your review of Danganronpa Future Arc.

You seem to be a bit confused. It is continuation but of the Danganronpa 2 game. 

You won't understand the story completely without playing the game. 

It's neither separate story nor different world :) It's set around 1-2 years after the end of the first anime and in that time, D2 happens.

frankstleBilly Aug 3, 2016

Your reviews are hilarious. XD

Antisocialkitty Jul 9, 2016

I love your reviews!!!!! 

cakeorrdeath Jun 24, 2016

Read your review of kingdom 2 and found it really helpful. Checked out your page and found you rate anime very simlarly to me so I decided to follow you as a good resource to find anime I havent seen but might like.

Thanks and keep up the good reviews!