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Jehowi Oct 17, 2016

Just go delete some more comments. That's not childish at all :)

Jehowi Oct 17, 2016

Yes, all of it. The only 'insult' in there was clown. I think there are worse things than that. Regarding your one episode reviews, I'd say that's a very decent word to describe them.

brokensaint058 Oct 16, 2016


Ah well, we can have a normal conversation after all. I do appreciate you replying to the post I’ve made.

First, as normal as it may seem to post an anime's first opinion, I hardly consider it a review. Therefore I am a firm believer in that such posts belong on a personal blog and not a review website. I have tried to hammer on this plenty of times, but alas my pleas have, more often than not, gone unnoticed. You can't really argue with a pubescent teenager, which majority of such ‘reviews’ usually belongs to.

What is also beyond me is how people can judge an anime, book, movie or pretty much anything by just quickly glancing at it and writing it off as tripe. Case very well pointed with Occult;Nine as the score it has right now (2.7) is abysmal. I would just personally hold off any sort of opinion and would watch the whole thing before actually writing on it.

Secondly, reviews in my opinion are two things: guidelines for somebody either in doubt or oblivion about something OR a way to voice your thoughts on a particular matter. When I opened Occult;Nine, I once again saw a single episode biased rant akin to: anime bad, too hard to understand, breasts, HULK SMASH! Hardly any sort of promotion for somebody on the fence about the anime, if you get my drift. This has, once again, sparked this whole thing we have going on now.

Lastly to justify what you deemed like disrespectful comment(s), I do have to apologise somewhat because this is how I am. I see no point in sugarcoating something therefore I would rather just give a dose honest and rock-hard reality. Such approach usually just works best, even if it seems low by most of the society, partially because nobody nowadays can take any criticism.

Well be it what it is now, I do hope Occult;Nine turns out be more like Steins;Gate and less like Chaos;Head the anime. 

Jehowi Oct 16, 2016

The comment you deleted wasn't rude or hateful at all...

brokensaint058 Oct 15, 2016


Mind enlightening me on what basis you have reported me again? I do not recall there was any profanity in my review, nor any insults. You were basically 'hurt' because I actually pointed out the stupidity in your writing, hence why you changed the review immediately the day after. English might not be your primary language, which is fine and dandy, but one does not have to have a degree in psychology to at least proofread the 100 words they have hastily scribbled down on the internet.

Regarding your 'don't like the review, do not read it' claim: if you feel like bashing an anime based solely on a single episode, I do not see any law stopping me from pointing out how absurd you 'review' actually is. Also here's a word of advice, and I realise that these words are falling on deaf, ignorant ears:  if you can't say something constructive, entertaining or informative, refrain from speaking until you actually can. It will make you look less like a clown.