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MechHand Oct 28, 2016

Hai! I saw one fo your reviews on C: The money of soul and possibly control and i saw that you said that 11 eps animus generally are rushed and don't really have a good ending, soooo, thought that you might enjoy Un-Go .. thats it x3 have a nice day~rwr

NicoCake Oct 28, 2016


I was browsing around Anime-Planet like I always do and I came across your profile. I thought I would drop in and say hi~

So how are you?^^

And do you have a favorite anime and genre?

Hope to see you around!~

Jehowi Oct 17, 2016

Oh, one more thing. Please send me a copy of all my comments on your anime reviews.

Jehowi Oct 17, 2016

In response to your ace attorney review:

I think you're just too stupid to understand. It is foolish to listen to someone that does not listen to you. EVERY point of criticism you're making is being explained in the game. Saying you didn't play the game and then deleting comments telling you're wrong isn't the way to fix the wrong things you're saying. That's just living your life in denial. Also, it's an anime. No one says it has to take over the real court system. That'd be a pretty boring story if they did. It doesn't have to be real. I am not blaming you for rating it that low, because the anime is really bad. But at least give it criticism for what it does wrong, rather than comparing it to a real court session. And this will be the last time i'm commenting on anything you do, because apparently you're just too dense to understand. The fact you can't stand to take criticism if you make the wrong points in your reviews, makes me wonder why you're reviewing at all. Maybe you should consider doing something else in your spare time then. I also received criticism for some of my reviews, even up to the point of 'Go kill yourself' insults, but deleting every single thing you disagree on, makes me think you don't respect any one else's opinion but your own. Once again, don't make reviews then, or at least don't put them online on a public anime community. These are my last words to you, because I'm getting really tired of this. I have better things to do with my life than trying to talk some common sense into you.

Jehowi Oct 17, 2016

Just go delete some more comments. That's not childish at all :)