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qwerty312 Nov 27, 2016

Thanks for the comment, I completely understand what you're saying. I finished the anime but my reaction was mainly for the first episode. I was pretty sure (praying) Emile would turn out to be a girl because if not it would've been really weird honestly lol. These animes just get irritating to watch you know when the mc acts like that, that's just my opinion. I understand where you're coming from though, it was a good comment. 

asterris Oct 31, 2016

Thanks for leaving a comment on my list ^^, yea I agree I'm probably missing some other titles that would fit into the list.

I was also wondering about your opinion on what kind of characters fit. I was thinking about some sport anime with timid characters, not like Ookiku furikabutte, but others where they're fairly timid but their redemeing quality is courage/they get braver and more independent. It's character growth, but I debate whether they should still go on the list or not. By reading your comment I thought of a soccer anime Days, and another katekyo hitman reborn(and a few similar other ones). hm, I wonder if Tsuna should make in on the list or not :V he was normally pretty chicken? 

I feel like there's a thin line between a shounen character that's kinda timid, and one that's mostly timid with shounen once and a while.

MechHand Oct 28, 2016

Hai! I saw one fo your reviews on C: The money of soul and possibly control and i saw that you said that 11 eps animus generally are rushed and don't really have a good ending, soooo, thought that you might enjoy Un-Go .. thats it x3 have a nice day~rwr

NicoCake Oct 28, 2016


I was browsing around Anime-Planet like I always do and I came across your profile. I thought I would drop in and say hi~

So how are you?^^

And do you have a favorite anime and genre?

Hope to see you around!~

Jehowi Oct 17, 2016

Oh, one more thing. Please send me a copy of all my comments on your anime reviews.