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Fushigi Yugi

Mar 18, 2015

STORY: I've read the Genbu part first then came to watch/read this. I love the plot SOOO much. I love the search for the 7 warriors and all the hardships they have to go through together. The setting and the Chinese references were all so interesting!! I've watch the anime of this first before going to read the manga cause i heard there were some cuts in the anime, but not too much to be important.

ART: The art was ok i guess, Yuu Watase's art are all beautiful and i really enjoyed reading his works.

CHARACTERS: I love ALL the characters; all the seven Suzaku warriors, the priestess; Miaka and Yui (though i did dislike her at the start) and I love how strong willed Miaka is, nothing can stop her when she puts her mind to it and all the warriors came to love her and support her. (Even one of the enemies came to aid her) I love the bond between her and Yui and how hard she tried to get her best friend back even though she's kindda powerless.

Oh, and i must not forget Tama-chan!! At first Tamahome seems like some guy who only lives on money, but further on, he actually a great guy who would do anything to be by Miaka's side to protect her and be with her. Their love for one another is something I really enjoyed and love about this manga/anime.

My favourite character in the anime/manga would be Nuriko cause he's kind of like a brother to both Tama and Miaka and always try to get them together and give them brotherly advices. Love him!!!<3

OVERALL: i wanted to give it a higher rating but at some parts of the anime, i just dont understand what was going on with the plot. But overall, it was an enjoyable read. I would recommend watching the anime if u rather like looking at moving pictures rather than reading.:)

7/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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