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                Hello. My name/username is PxrpleRocks. ^^

                   My favourite animes are 

<h1>      Angels of Death</h1>

Angels of Death

<h1>Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun</h1>

Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun

<h1>Tamako Love Story</h1>

Tamako Love Story

and lastly

<h1>Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku</h1>

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

My favourite mangas but still waiting for some chapters are

     princess in the rough

Princess in the Rough

that way that knight lives as a lady

The Way That Knight Lives as a Lady

Who made me a princess

Who Made Me a Princess

My three tyrant brothers

My Three Tyrant Brothers

I'll be the matriarch in this life

I Shall Master this Family

My favourite female anime/manga characters are 

Ai Hinaturo


<h1>Chiyo SAKURA</h1>


<h1>Narumi MOMOSE</h1>


<h1>Estrella Sol GRANDEL</h1>

Estrella Sol GRANDEL

<h1>Rachel GARDNER</h1>


<h1>Yuzuki SEO</h1>

Yuzuki SEO

<h1>Yuu KASHIMA</h1>


for my favourite male ones are


Aka: Isaac FOSTER


<h1>Eiji Nolbeia YURIANA</h1>

Eiji Nolbeia YURIANA

<h1>Umetarou NOZAKI</h1>

Umetarou NOZAKI



<h1>Mikoto MIKOSHIBA</h1>


and a few more

well I hope you inejoy your stay here if you wanna contact be you can by

friending be on discord which is PxrpleRocks#5905


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gqu33n Jun 10, 2021

okay thanks! :D

gqu33n Jun 9, 2021

Oh cool!

I don’t think I’ve heard of any of those but I’ll maybe try them out in the future :D

gqu33n Jun 9, 2021

oh hi thanks for the follow back! 

oh my gosh I have so many but fruits basket, yona of the dawn, and assassination classroom are definitely some of my favorites. :) How about you?

LUCIIIII Jun 9, 2021

Okay! <33

LUCIIIII Jun 9, 2021

Sure we can be friends!! ^^

And I am sorry, I don't really use my discord or stay online. So I rather not give it to people, sorry!! :((

But we can always chat in the forums (conversation part), if you want!! 

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