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Well what to say. Imagine a mix up between fallout (the cliche post apocalyptic sci fi) and a harem. It gives this.

The story was quite interesting at the start but then it became just bad. The settings of the world is pitiful. It is post apocalyptic but characters seems not to give a f*ck about it. Main character himself does not realize he can die.. Even when i'm playing a video game i'm more cautious and serious than him. The story gas no depth at all because it's just a rom/com.

There is nothing serious about this story. It's too light hearted, you dont feel the pressure during fight scenes, you dont feel the danger for the characters at all. I dont know how it is possible to do a good post apocalyptic story without doing a serious story. I'm not looking for a drama or i dont know what but I mean... I feel like half of the chapters are just focused on "romance" between MC and his harem. It's basically a cute rom/com high school harem but without the high school and with a touch of bad and cliche post apocalyptic. Both do not mix at all.

Cliche, it's the good word for this. The harem is cliche af, the fallout setting is cliche (a sort of pip boy on the wrist where you can see your "statistics", shelters, outdoor cities). The author did not bother himself, MC is bad ? Give him a drug and stonk +50 in every stats, he becomes strong, he has now abs and he's handsome...

Even the romance is light hearted, everything is censored and almost everybody act like a teenage cliche character in romcom. How is it possible to do a romance like this in a post apocalyptic world I mean please.

When MC is not the post apocalyptic world, the story is uninteresting because it's too long for nothing. You have useless chapters where MC go to the beach, in vacation, cheat his girlfriend(s) with a one night stand.. I DONT CARE GIVE ME A STORY.

Talking about MC. During the first chapters, he's the cliche loser, virgin, naive, idiot and then 20 chapters after he became for some unknown reason a player that flirts easily with every women and a d*ckhead that brag with his money. The typical son of rich that you see in dramas that want to snatch MC's girlfriend and that looks down on other because he's rich. Cheating his girlfriends is not a problem for him, he f*cks every women he wants for a one night stand.

Basically this story is a romcom shounen. The story is clearly for kids, there is no depth, it's focused on the harem. Even if it's not bloody and if sex scenes are censored, the author gave us a main character that is a moron that brags about money and a moron who has no regrets to cheat his official girlfriends during one night 'if not seen then nothing has happened" as we say. I dont know what kind of moral the author wants to convey but a story with a plot for kids and a MC that acts like the golddiggers sluts you want to avoid in real life is not for me. Understand by this that i dont have any troubles with polygamy in manga, it's actually quite the opposite but a MC that cheats everyone only to have sex, it's a NO. A MC that acts like a spoiled cocky rich without any decency or education, it's a no too. Both are against my values and I think i'm clearly not the only one to think like this. 

Let's talk about the girls now, while I appreciate Sun Jiao, I'm not particularly fan of the other cliche girls. For instance yao yao, a girls that seems to be 11 years old but according to the author, she has officially 16 years old (sexual majority, this kind of thing). It reminds me those bad hentai with a 11 year old girl but, look, she's the queen of demons, she actually has 2000 years old !

2/10 story
7/10 art
2.5/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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