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Cage of Eden

Aug 1, 2020

What a great travel it was ! This manga was very refreshing for me.

STORY : It was a very good story filled with good mysteries. The quality was totally constant (even if the end felt a little bit rushed but that's not very problematic it doesnt remove the greatness of the story or of the ending). The plot was really interesting, enought to give you the envy to read it without getting bored by it. It was like a travel, as a reader, you were with the characters during the read, when good times, you were happy, when bad times, you were hoping the best for them. I felt really immersed into this world. The setting is very interesting, you will find some creatures that are extincted and characters will try to cope with that, they will do their best. This manga uses our curiosity, as a kid, I have always been curious with the extincted species, some were giant like the giganthopithecus, i was saying to myself "it should be incredible to be in front of one of those !" and this manga use this and it is very well done. In this story, you will also find a mature story, it's not a beautiful fairy tale, characters are in danger and can possibly die, they can be injuried and on this island, there is not a big hospital to cure everyone. It's not overused obviously, it's not a story where 95% of main characters will die and it's a good thing to keep the ending happy.

CHARACTERS : Obviously, they were a bunch of characters in this story but i'm gonna only focus on the main characters that have the most incidence for the story. They were great and mostly not too cliche. It was really great to see how they could be useful to make the story progress. They were working together with a good bond and their reactions were logical and mature. I had a feeling of accomplishment by seeing this team working together, I was happy. Even the side characters had an incidence, I liked them for the most part, I didnt want them to die if something were to happen. Of course I didnt make an analysis case by case because there was just too much characters for that. The MC is not your classical shounen MC even if he has some similarities. He's the leader of the group, many lives are in the palm of his hands and he's not a KGB member. But he will be forced to grow up if he wants to protect everyone, he will be forced to take big risks because in that kind of situation, as a leader, you prefer to die than losing 5 great friends. Not only the island is his ennemy, some humans will be too, some humans who are very strong physically, who konw how to survive and more. The MC starts with a big penalty on him. In the end if he wants his friends to live, he has to win so he will count on his bravour, on his leading skills and on the intelligence of his team. He won't protect his team by doing 90% of the work (unlike an another person in this manga who is very smart and strong). He will count on his teammates to help him by maximizing what everyone can do the best. Teamwork is probably the most important word in this story.

9/10 story
6.5/10 art
8.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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