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Jul 31, 2020

This manga is boring and frustrating. The MC is a cuck, one of the worst cuck that I have ever seen but you can know it from the synopsis ( It's didnt disturb me but i saw on MAL that a bunch of people were complaining, well I dont know what kind of person you want the MC to be knowing he rents a "girlfriend" but yes...)

The main problem of that story (i'm on chapter 145 so clearly far in the story) is the pace, it's one of the slowest if not the slowest pace that I have ever seen and oh gosh I have seen many things. Basically you have idiot MC who is in love with the fake girlfriend, this one is quickly in love with him too but both will NEVER admit it. Sometimes at the end of the chapter you have a hope for the following chapter but finally it was a prank.

You are doomed to see an idiot MC (who has less testosterone than my 80 years old grandpa) complaining about how he's a worthless loser and an idiot girl who does not want to admit her love without any reasons. She does not even send signals, you cant even guess that she's in love with MC, you only know it because she suggests it once or twice while talking to an another character... That's why this story is soo frustrating.

In more than the half of the 145 chapters, you just have a fake date with the fake girlfriend with the girl who acts almost everytime coldly and beside her you have the MC, awkward and idiot everytime.

(minor spoilers) obviously you have the harem with the worthless MC. He has an another cute rental girlfriend who is openly in love with him, she becomes more and more annoying throughout the story. You have the ex of the MC who dumped him but for some reasons, she's still in love with him and she's possessive with him even if she's not with him (she will hugely stalks the MC). This girl is probably the most interesting character of the story.

Finally the only redeeming quality of this manga is his art. It's modern and beautiful, girls are well drawn and cute but that's all..

This manga is one of those manga that the more you progress throughout the story, the more you will hate it. The author had a good idea but he totally messed up the pace and the growning relationship between both MC. I absolutely do not recommend to read it.

4/10 story
8.5/10 art
3.5/10 characters
4/10 overall

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