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I dropped this manga at chapter 69. It was pleasant in the start but the manga is just slow paced and repetitive, it's just boring with the time... The romance is almost inexistant too.

Regarding the characters, I doubt about it. I didnt feel any character development, you can skip from chapter 5 to 50 it will be the same. That's why I say it's repetitive, it's basically the same things over and over without any differences.

The plot is simple : in almost every chapter the MC is coming to the girl's house, he eats, you can see cute girl's faces and nothing else. The author tried to develop a story about the girl to make her interesting for the romance plot but damn it's SLOW oh my gosh. Basically you know there is something with her but the author does nothing with it in 69 chapters..

The MC is plain and empty, I have never seen a MC as uninteresting in my entire life. You know he plays baseball, you see him playing sometimes and you know he has a little sister. Basically you do not care about anything else. He does never talk about his feelings neither think about it, he never seems sad or happy. He just eats. I even think that Rui (cliche of the childhood friend that has a cruch on MC for stupid reasons) is more developed than him and more interesting EVEN if you see her once every 15 chapters.

3/10 story
7/10 art
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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