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gabrielz8 Nov 21, 2020

Hey, thanks for the follow! So, watching/reading something good recently?

Sianeka May 19, 2016

Shaganator42 says...  haha i wish my college work carmed down and iv just started Steins; Gate

So sorry for my delay in responding - things got busy for me all of the sudden and I haven't been able to spend as much time on the site as I usually do!  Wow, this response is late! I am sorry it took so long; I didn't plan for so much time to pass by so quickly!

Hope you have been finding the site useful, and that you enjoy your time here when you visit. Lots of good folks to meet, and anime to watch! Maybe you'll even decide to get involved with the community here; it's lively and fun! If you have any questions or just want to chat, please leave me a comment and I'll respond back!

By now, you have probably already finished Steins;Gate - you probably finished it a while ago! haha  So, what did you think of it?  Personally, I loved it - rated it as 4.5 stars which is the highest rating I've ever given out so far.  It was a bit slow at first and hard to get into, but around episode 10 or so, I realized I understood what was going on and was into all of the characters so I was enjoying them a lot!

Some folks never reach that point, and drop this, or else don't enjoy the sci fi aspects of the show as I did, and thus don't end up loving it.  But me, I did.

I just finished watching Food Wars with one of my RL anime groups, and we had a blast watching it.  It's over-the-top silly with its Foodgasms and I laugh a lot. *grin*  Also getting a kick out of Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge.  It's not as outrageous as Food Wars but has a slow, mellow sense of humor about it.

Sianeka Apr 23, 2016

Shaganator42 says...  sorry i havent been on in a while my college work took over haha and thanks for recomending black butler even tho i found the english dub kinda sterio tipacl cos im from england but it was good 

My sister LOVES Black Butler. I'd recommended it to her because I enjoyed it, but WOW! she loved it.  She counts it as one of her favoirite anime titles, and even named her new black cat Sebastian!

(I don't think I love it as much as she does!)

Anyway, I hope your college work has settled down for you and you don't need to be working as hard!  I hope you can get some "fun" time for yourself, and hope you get to see more anime!

Sianeka Feb 18, 2015

I look forward to finding out what you thought of the various titles I suggested, so be sure to drop me a comment to let me know when you watch some, or else I'll just have to keep coming back here to check your updates!!! *smile*

Sianeka Feb 11, 2015

Shaganator42 says... thanks for the anime and iv rated all my anime my fav are gorey anime

I haven't seen much in the way of gory anime, but have you seen/heard of these titles not yet in your anime list):

Berserk - I haven't finished this one yet, but hear it gets more bloody/gory by the end

Danganronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation - Life or Death game so some blood/gore available

GANTZ - an explicitely violent and mature themed story that I recall had some folks beaten with baseball bats, so surely there must've been some gore in there...

Parasyte -the maxim- - a current season anime that I'm watching now that has some blood/gore in it