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Hello there, and welcome to my bio!!!

Basic information about me; 

What are my favourite animes?

-Shugo Chara 



-Dragon Ball Super 

-The wall flower 


-Skip Beat 

( Yes, most of these animes are underrated. But I think they're cool( I usually use this word on anything I like)

What are my favourite mangas/comics?

-Age matters

-True Beauty 

( I have read so many comics from the webtoon app since 2018 which was the time in which I started reading more mangas and comics. Yes these are the only comics I like)

What are my favourite anime characters? 

Obito Uchiha - ( From Naruto Shippuden)

Sasuke Uchiha- ( From Naruto Shippuden)

Madara Uchiha - ( From Naruto Shippuden)

Luffy -( From One piece)

Gaara-(From Naruto) I usually call him Lord Gaara. My favourite character ever! He's soo cool. 

Izaya Orihara-( Durarara) 

Judai Yuki-( Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)

Celty Sturluson-( Durarara) She soo cool 

Kyoko Mogami-( Skip beat)

Kumiko Yamaguchi-( Gokusen)

Atsushi Nakajima-( Bingo stray dogs)

Deidara-( Naruto Shippuden)

what are my favourite characters from mangas/ comics?

-Rose Choi-(From age matters)

-Jugyeong Lim-( From True Beauty)

( Yeah, that's it...)

I will give detailed descriptions of my favourite characters later... Working on it!! 👍

What are my favourite colours? 



Wine-  I just think that this colour is elegant and pretty cool... Yeah know 


What are my favourite meals? 

Any kind of soup ( love veggie soup), Seafood rice, Roman, and rice bowls.

What Grade am I in?

The 10th grade

when is my birthday? 

17th May 2006 🎊🎉

So  my zodiac sign is Taurus 

What are my hobbies? 

This question can not be answered right now for many reasons. Why? Do you ask? I'll also answer this question later... 

Where am I from? 


What are my favourite genres?

Fantasy, action, comedy and romance... 

Well, this is all I wrote for now I will keep on updating... I follow back!! 

Updated on 1 July 2022. I know it's unnecessary to write the year, but I care about details for some reason...

Feel free to ask any questions. Byeeee!!!

Actually am not really having the best time of my life, am not really doing great. I feel like I've messed up so badly, because of my negative way of thinking and criticizing my self so much that the problem got even bigger and I just feel so stupid and dump. I didn't even realize the damage I was creating to my surroundings. Right now am not sure of what exactly I am, so it's hard to write a true bio, and I usually like rewatching animes. That's why compared to most people here I haven't watched so many animes. 

Also, I wanted to say that I may not be the most exciting person to talk to right now, honesty am kind of a mess. But if for some reason you decide to follow me, then I will follow you back. But if you unfollow me then I will also... Actually I don't now, should I unfollow you?

Like, do you know how it hurts being unfollowed all of the sudden without even being give a reason, so I don't really want to do this to other people, cause it socks. If you want to unfollow someone, just comment on their page and tell them that you're going to unfollow them, I feel that is the right thing to do.

Right now, I don't think am in a position to be making any decisions like this at all. I'll just focus on my school work and hobbies

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Mintymingi May 24, 2022

You wrote under Jungyeongs profile "my fav anime character" or something like that 

Mintymingi May 23, 2022

But you called it an anime?

Mintymingi May 23, 2022

True beauty isn't an anime 

AwesomeSan May 1, 2022

Hello 👋, thanks for following me back 😊 

AwesomeSan Apr 29, 2022

Hello 👋 😊