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1) Top Anime [5/4.5/4 Stars]by LinkSword

A compilation of the finest reasons why I'm still watching cartoons.

2018 Personal Anime Oscar 🏆 Awards List (2nd Annual)by HKBattosai

These are all anime I watched in 2018. This year there are 23 possible Oscars. Not every series I've seen this year will have a nomination. RULES: (1) The anime shows/series on this list does not mean that they debuted in 2018...

Amazing Female Characters in Animeby RascaI

A list for female characters that are actually well written and unique, that are given the respect they deserve by their writers and have a distinct lack of cliched character tropes. No oversexualization/fanservice, not designed...

Anime that Impacted Meby RascaI

Anime that drew me in and made me pay attention with their presentation, making me care deeply about their story and characters. In the end these anime changed the way I thought about something or I feel had an effect on who I am...