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Metalblade94 Mar 29, 2019

Thanks and who’s your most despised female and male anime character?

heres mine

male: teppei houjou (Higurashi no naku koro ni)

female: Louise the zero (Familiar of Zero/zero no tsukamia)

captivus Mar 24, 2019

Hey, and thanks for the follow :-)

Comparing lists gives me a headache, so as thanks I'll just recommend a few titles and maybe I'll hit something you like based on your 'watched' list:

1. Shouwa Genrouku Rakugo Shinjuu - one of the greatest anime series ever, worth watching by any anime fan;

2. Planetes - great but relatively unknown series, I think you'd like it quite much;

3. Black Lagoon - if Quentin Tarantino made an anime this would be it;

you seem to like what I call 'stylish' anime (unique animation, good music, weird/unusual hook to the story) so I based my recommendations on that, here's hoping at least one title will land ;-)

FriendlyDemon Mar 22, 2019

"As for my recommendation, I can't help but notice that you haven't seen Kill la Kill yet." I plan to watch it at some point but I have to finish up things for ABC first, as the current season is close to ending. After I'll watch it, I'll let you know what my toughts are :)

"Anyways, let me know if there's anything you'd like me to watch! I'm fine with all genres, really!"

I've looked at our shared list and picked a few titles for you. I've watched all of them and they are in your want to watch list.

  1. Future Diary - 5 stars from me
  2. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - 4 stars from me
  3. Soul Eater - 4 stars from me
  4. Recovery of an MMO Junkie - 4.5 stars from me
  5. Tokyo Ghoul - 4 stars from me
  6. Baccano! - 4.5 stars from me
  7. your name. - 5 stars from me

They are recommended in the order I would watch them, Future diary is awesome and you just have to watch it. Yuno is cool! You'll love her :D

Also, you don't have Psycho-Pass (5 stars from me) in your list and you should. The idea of the anime it's just briliant and I got Death Note vibes from it.

I could've added more but then it would've been a 20+ list and nobody wants that :))))))

SMores Mar 20, 2019

I'm flattered you noticed.

SMores Mar 20, 2019

You are a liking machine.