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captivus Apr 7, 2019

Ok, Kill la Kil was awesome :D Thanks for the recommendation. It made me feel like watching FLCL (and the good one not the new garbage ones) all over again :D

So .... weird but awesome is Your style eh ...? ;-) Hm. Try <a class="tooltip" title="<h5 class='theme-font'>Arakawa Under the Bridge</h5><ul class='entryBar'><li class='type'>TV (13 eps)</li><li>Shaft</li><li class='iconYear'>2010</li><li><div class='ttRating'>3.7</div></li></ul><p>Holding strictly to his family's creed, Kou Ichinomiya has never once, in his life of privilege, owed anything to anyone – that is, until a self-proclaimed Venusian named Nino saves him from drowning in the wake of a dire accident involving Kou's pants. Eternally indebted to the supposed extraterrestrial, Kou moves into her little community under the bridge along the Arakawa river. Ripped from his life of luxury and success, the young Tokyo U graduate now must adjust to his well-appointed hovel, strange new neighbors, and peculiar lover, Nino.</p><div class='tags'><h4>Tags</h4><ul><li>Comedy</li><li>Romance</li><li>Seinen</li><li>Gag</li><li>Lifestyle Change</li><li>Social Gap</li><li>Based on a Manga</li></ul></div> <div class='myListBar sep'> <h4>my anime:</h4> <span class='status1'></span> Watched - 1x<div class='ttRating'>5</div> </div>" href="" data-class="tooltip-full">Arakawa Under the Bridge. You'll probably dig it. Samurai Champloo is also a pretty good pick.

Anyway, thanks again it was a pretty great show!

tigerlily9 Mar 30, 2019

Hey there PreciousEgg! Thanks for leaving a comment on my profile :) I'm not sure how I found you either! But I haven't seen a ton of anime, including a lot of cult favorites, so it's nice knowing I'm not the only one still exploring things.

I am a HUGE Ouran fan - it's one of the shows that got me into anime. If I had to pick, Kyoya and Hikaru are probably my favorite characters.

I will definitely check out Kill la Kill, thanks for the recommendation! If you're also a shounen fan, I'd recommend checking out Hunter x Hunter (2011). I'm sure you've probably gotten this recommendation multiple times by now, but it's fantastic. A bit of a time commmittment (148 episodes) but worth it imo!

Metalblade94 Mar 30, 2019

I would love to see slaine Troyard From Aldnoah Zero shot teppei with a shotgun multiple times until he’s dead 

Metalblade94 Mar 29, 2019

I agree and plus I was thinking of having something happen to him so badly. Like slaine Troyard From Aldnoah Zero break into the houjou house. And shoots teppei with a gun until he’s dead 

Metalblade94 Mar 29, 2019

Never seen those animes except kill la kill. Oh. But in my opinion teppei houjou is worse than Shou Tucker and Peter griffin