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MintyAmbitions Apr 22, 2019

I just ate so many eggs for breakfast. Now I must tell you I've consumed your brethren. 

Is This Attack on Titan?

Katoire Apr 11, 2019

Glad to hear it!  I'm doing pretty okay myself. 

I'm actually really busy with work too.  Haven't watched anime for a long time.  I'm gonna have to find time to watch one today  or tomorrow though,  because I was silly and thought I could manage going through with the Spring 2019 Lottery Game :P   I got the show with Kappa and since it's only once a week I might even finish it ... eventually ...  But I somehow miraclously always find time to shitpost in the forum. :P   

Well I am the opposite from you in a sense that I am not the game, because I haven't played it. :P  But yeah, I liked the anime series. Especially the Despair arc because it kind of delivered what it promised ... despair ... there was so much pain in it that I couldn't help but enjoy it.  I just like emotional things and for me it was very emotional. And Future arc too.  I was kind of disappointed in the Hope arc though.  The whole OVA kind of felt too weak to end everything.  I wanted it to end with a bang and I don't think it did.  

And I'm sorry but I'm not really familiar with those other games you mentioned.   I'm not much of a gamer ... maybe I would be if I had time but if I had time I would have no money ... so yeah ...  Oh wait ... I know Persona too ... only anime though. :P   And I haven't watched Persona 5 yet and I think I haven't really watched all the Persona 3 movies either.  

And don't apologize, silly.  I like talking to you.  And if you apologize then I should apologize too because my paragraph isn't any shorter. :P  

Katoire Apr 10, 2019


I just dropped by to see how you are doing.  Also I kind of remembered us joking about getting on each other nerves by chatting each other to death  and I kind of find it funny that we've been completely silent since then. :P   Anyway I hope you're doing good!   Also I wanted to say I like your avatar.  Danganronpa fan are ya? 

Amirith Apr 8, 2019

Hi! :> 

Oh awesome :D 

Thank you for follow back! :3

captivus Apr 7, 2019

Well yeah when someone recommends a show and I know he/she has similar tastes I usually binge it in a week after the recommendation ;-) (or get involved in my work and forget about it forever, which is quite unfortunate :/ )

Do try out Arakawa Under The Bridge - it really is a great show and I think You will like it.  To quote my own list:

One of the weirdest things I've ever seen. A classic story: a boy is ambitious, he starts a company, gets stranded on a bridge losing his pants and gets saved by a homeless insane girl who thinks she's from another planet. The boy gets smitten. His rival in love is a guitar playing guy who dresses like a flower. He is one of saner of the new neighbors of the pants-loosing boy. A must see.

Side note: if that's not weird enough our entourage includes trans nun who was an assassin and a weird mentor who dresses like a kappa.

You could also try Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei but this series is VEEEEEEEEERY weird and meta so I can't really judge objectively whether you'd like it or not.

Also: the only show that gave me a similar vibe to Kill la Kill is FLCL (the original not the shitty sequels) so You might check this one out too.

As for who was my favorite character in Kill la Kill?

Well...I liked most of them ... but if I were to choose one it would be either Aikuro Mikisugi or Senketsu ... or perhaps Guts ... I have weird tastes ok? ;-)