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cinah Aug 15, 2018

You really should. I’ve only watched it twice because I’m still terrified. Let me know if you liked it or not If you want. I’m curious 😅

cinah Aug 15, 2018

Alright cool. Btw i saw that you want to watch Perfect Blue. You should go for it. It’s an AMAZING movie. When I first watched it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. 

cinah Aug 15, 2018

Lmao why were you surprised though? 😂 and thank you for following me back! You can message me anytime I’m always up for a chat 

JigenDaisuke Aug 14, 2018

Makoto sure is the Eggy boy. Thanks for the follow!

MythicalTurkey Jul 20, 2018

Yup, OPM and MP100's manga were written/drawn by the same mangaka, so that's why, but mp100 was made by studio bones and a more tight team of producers while keeping the mangaka's same rough type of art rather than OPM's more polished anime feel. it's interesting, and they definitely arent clones.

Being not good at argumenting is ok of course, there's no pressure, but if you'd want to join forum discussion it might be better for you than actually reviewing. I'm really active on forums, and a reviewer, and I definitely prefer the forums, which if you get into a summer challenge would be good for starting to discuss them weekly on threads. Could be worth a shot since its more casual talking about your opinions on a show. You can even have fun with it and post funny stuff, and its a great community in terms of the forum regulars.

Like I said we're a great community and we're all really friendly here, so we're glad to have ya!