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UniversalParanoia1 Feb 11, 2019

Never been called a madlad by an egg so it’s a first for us both lol ^^

UniversalParanoia1 Feb 7, 2019

Jesus Christ Egg you and your likes 

JAYQUITA Feb 5, 2019

thank you for your kind welcome 

KarmaKhameleon Jan 30, 2019

I just started watching it a couple days ago and I am only on epsidoe 4. But it seems ok so far. Its very fantasy genre oriented which is different from my norm. I usually watch rom-com, tearjerkers, or dark thriller type anime.

KarmaKhameleon Jan 30, 2019

 Hey there! Looks like we are both watching The Ancient Magus' Bride. How are you liking it so far?