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zeldire Aug 9, 2017

That's weird...it should work. If seldire didn't go through, you can try my actual name or you can give me yours. 

zeldire Jul 31, 2017

Yes, I'm sure in some twisted way, I enjoyed our glimpse into the disturbing minds that are apparently in abundance on the internet. The things they came up with to do in a closet…I'm sure some pleb in the fandom somewhere has continued the tale of Sasuke and his need for sour belts in a fan fiction, if you're truly masochistic. As for the crawfish atrocity, since I'm sure it was your idea to look up KnB, I stand by my claim that the blame lies in your court.

Oh please, it's still weird to picture myself in white, even when I'm standing in front of a mirror. Like any good pitcher basking in the sun (shadows), I rock that color too, though. Lol, and I didn't wear white for an actual - non racist - reason. It's way too easy to get dirty…and I didn't have any to wear even if the desire struck, aside from a camisole here or a workout shirt there (but honestly, that just sat in my dresser drawer). And what exactly do you think makes you a dirtbag? A future vagabond, maybe. You've always been pretty saucy, but you're still one of the most polite people I've seen. This is from firsthand experience. The way you handled some of the Lust/Kise conversations left me amazed at your finesse.

Yeah, as much as I like certain parts of Japan, there are definitely some things that leave me wanting. I find myself craving an authentic deli sandwich most days - though I'm usually able to push it to the back of my thoughts. But dang, why's meat so friggin' expensive here? And don't even get me started on fruit. The red velvet cupcakes were worth every bite, I'll have you know. You couldn't expect me to do something normal to honor my day of birth o,< Yes yes, I'll try to take more pics with the cam, but last I checked, it was dead…gotta charge it first. I've mostly taken landscape shots too. The ones of people I've taken have usually been done with my iPad. Somehow, I'm not surprised about your interest in shooting videos. Little surprised that interest didn't spark sooner, though, especially with all the biking you do.

Neo Colossus is a dope name (use of American slang for the day - check). Sounds like you've got a lot of new perks, while still being able to retain much of the beauty that was Old Colossus. I do still have a Mac, but I've been really thinking about branching out - mostly because the games I can play on it are so limited. Plus, it's nearly time for an upgrade (seeing how I can't even update certain applications anymore because the OS is no longer compatible, ugh).

It's kinda nice they're still thinking about the location to retire. Having the freedom to pick up and go anywhere one wants can be pretty exhilarating - even more so when it's been earned. If they do end up following you, it'd be kind of cool if you chose Alaska. In all the books and movies I've seen with it as its setting, it seems like such a relaxing but challenging place, if that makes sense. The family's good. Mum's gotten through the major summer projects that were eating up most of her time, so now she has time to write again. Last I checked, she was working on her latest book. She let me read the first part. Really looking forward to the finished version now ><

Kyushu in the winter sounds doable. Not having to deal with snow is probably a good thing - wouldn't want transportation shutting down just 'cause a couple of flakes decided to come and play. Korea's been on my list for a while actually. That's part of the reason I've been dabbling with learning the language. As for China, it depends on which part you're thinking of going. Personally, I might forgo China, and take more time in Taiwan. Liked it the short time I was there. I'll be honest, your hiking comment peaked my interest. Not to attempt it, dear God, no, but to learn the difference between Japanese hiking and my Light Catcher's hiking.

Dude, I didn't even know there was a JET subreddit. Why am I not surprised? I'd have to agree on most thinking it's a vacation more than a vocation (love the alliteration and rhyme there, by the way). So how're you enjoying your first couple of weeks on the job? Quiet as silence? When I came, we had orientation in Tokyo. So, I assume they gave you one too - maybe, just not in Tokyo, though.

I'm glad you won't have to really deal with business trips. Pain. In. The. Butt. Kindergarten sounds cool. You definitely don't see so many JETs working in a nursing school. Wonder what that'll be like for you. The speech contest went better than I had thought it would. Most of the contestants were shockingly easy to understand. And some of them even picked some really serious "serious" topics. I just hope they don't make a habit of me being on the judge board.

Good. You really should catch up on OP. Thankfully, for you, the chapters are relatively short, so that should help. I read Boku no Hero Academia when the mood strikes, and that's why I'm not too far ahead. Like you said, I wasn't exactly blown away. But I was like, "I could read another chapter" when I got to the end of the first one. All Might is pretty entertaining. As of right now, I'm interested in Momo and Eraserhead, I guess.

Heh, can't say I share the aversion you have of video games. If anything, lately I've been playing more than reading manga or watching anime. Are you at least doing more productive things, like you hoped?

I use LINE so much, chica, I have two accounts lol. Nah, but really, I forgot the pw to my first one, so I made the other one a couple of years ago. It's seldire. Feel free to harass me anytime.

zeldire Jun 19, 2017

I'm convinced you are trying to repeat the mental scars you gave me in college when you oh-so-kindly introduced me to the dark side of the internet. There was no flashlight…There were no cookies. The worst will probably always be the incredibly detailed pic of the crawfish, though. Some things really should not exist. But I digress. Glad to hear you enjoyed your special day. And yeah, I agree, doesn't get much better than eating and sleeping. Mine was ok. Went to work. Treated myself to some white capris (mostly because I was tired of sweating in all of my black clothes) and bought 2 "deli" sandwiches for dinner. That was my favorite part. Oh, also made red velvet cupcakes, which naturally, I devoured. Oooo new camera, nice. I don't use mine as much as I should. God knows I paid enough for it. So what do you like taking pictures of?

Yes, yeeeeeees, good girl. You know how us emotional pitchers get T.T Who knows what would happen to any other family you tried to bring into the mix…

Oh goodness, a young (slightly) uncultured roommate who also played with drugs. Honestly, where do you find these people? No wonder she mistook Colossus for an actual Greek titan and prematurely ended its sweet life. Kudos on undertaking the project to get all your music back, though. From what I remember of all the data you had on there, it's definitely no easy feat. So, have you christened your new laptop yet? I looked it up, and I must say, I am impressed. Is the screen also bigger than Colossus?

Well, you've only got a month in the beautiful state before you hop on over here. So hopefully, Kyushu will feel more like home for you. Have your parents decided where they're relocating to yet? Since most people go to the South, I guess they've got better tax benefits down there. What's your bro going to do down in Florida? And yeah, I can't say I would ever want to live in California -- between the heat, congestion, and people, I don't think I'd make it long.

Hahaha, no, I did not have the pleasure of hearing how you decided to apply for JET. That definitely beats mine. At least I had a week to get the apps and stuff together when RoRo told me I should go for it. You never cease to amaze. I also heard the same thing when it came to placements; and seeing how I also got my choice, I'd have to agree with you. Well, at least it's where you want to be and you're already familiar with the area, it seems. You'll be pretty close to the Amami Islands, though right? So you can easily visit them.

Yeahhhh, like I said, I really don't handle heat well (which is why my 3rd choice on placement preference was Hokkaido), so I'll have to kindly decline that offer to move to Kyushu. BUT, because it's you, I'm more than willing to make the trip down there to see you. If it gets too expensive, we could always meet in Osaka or Tokyo since your pred said it's cheaper. I still kinda want to check out your area though. And if you're taking on Mt. Fuji, that means you can see my area too. While you're climbing Fuji (which you probably shouldn't if you get altitude sickness), I'll be waiting for you at Fuji-Q riding roller coasters.

Hmmm, I wouldn't say the JETs are all bad -- it's more likely due to my lack of interest in wanting to socialize with people in general. However, the batch this past year clearly have a greater wild streak than the JETs I'd met before them. Plus the crowd around me is pretty much only interested in going out drinking and having casual sex (or so it would appear from the ones I talk to). So pass. That is nice you can escape them. I've got a buttload of them around since I'm located in the city.

Oh good, someone actually bothered to tell you about those dang startup fees. Sounds like you'll be more prepared than I was. Wait, you don't have to pay for housing? That's awesome. My apartment was subsidized, but then they tore it down, so I had to move. The convenience of living in the city is nice, but like I said, I could live without being surrounded by so many other JETs. But as far as placements go, I really can't complain. I like where I am. As for business trips, there are several types. I have a weekly one where I go to my visit school (no comment), they also send us on a lot of teacher "training" seminars (which means we get together with a bunch of JETs and talk about lesson planning or complain about the teachers they work with), sometimes I'm sent to speech contests (they actually had me judge one…that was something), there's also a summer camp for the English course students at a prominent school over here, and stuff like that.

To be honest, it was kinda refreshing that you weren't into One Piece since pretty much all of the ones who were really tempted me to drop it and never speak of the show again. That's probably when I started to intensely dislike fandoms…I did enjoy marathoning it though. It was right after I had gone to Japan on a class trip and one of the guys convinced me that it was worth giving another shot. Looking back, I honestly don't know how I did it. Pro marathoner right here XD Good point. I'm so used to the Big 3, that it's hard to imagine how 2 of those are already over. I mean, I'm glad they ended, but like you said, not many shounen series have become as popular as them. I did read a bit of Boku no Hero Academia a while ago, but I kept dropping it. So it might be one of those things where I have to be in the mood (same thing happened with Medaka Box, as you know).

I know, I know. I don't know why I'm so fascinated by Otome games hahaha. I have not touched Amnesia yet, since I hadn't mentally prepared myself for all their craziness. I don't think I'm ready for Touma's belts or cage (God, I hope he only wears the belt). I'm so far behind on FFXV. I keep meaning to play it on the weekends, but then I either play a different game instead or I end up reading. I'll get there eventually. I've only come across one tonderry at night in that game so far, and my heart was pounding so hard, I hope it never happens again. DB Super's not bad. The pacing is much better than any of its predecessors, and I find I don't mind watching it while I read or play one of my handheld games. It's made me laugh a few times.

zeldire Jun 4, 2017

Catcher-nii~! Had to tell my favorite twin brother ℋ੨ppყ ᙖ ౹̊ণ৳hძ੨ყ·*⋆ฺ࿐♡

So any wondrous plans to celebrate the beauty of your presence here on this earth?

zeldire May 22, 2017

To my elusive, yet dear, catcher,

I feel like one of those mistresses who has to wait for her lover to find time away from his real family to visit her. That, or something less creepy. However, I suppose I shall forgive you as your one and only twin brother. Glad to have you back. I'd say hit your roommate with a dead ball for me, but I remember the tragedy of destroying Misa's (and almost Steve's) computer all too well. So she shall be spared from my wrath for now. What kind of computer do you have now? I feel like crying over your lost data (even if some of your pics were spawned from the internet's cesspool). Thinking of it as a fresh start can only get you so far. Yes, I'd say the universe is certainly making light of you. On the bright (minus) side, I can actually see you living in the woods - it's almost scary how well I can picture it. If anything, I have full confidence in your survival skills. So how does it feel being back in good ol' Maryland? Though I guess it's only for a couple of months since...

You'll be "joining me" in Japan.. interesting choice of words because I looked it up again (not the words) and Kagoshima is ridiculously far. You'll be 14 bloody hours away by car. But yes, at least we'll be in the same country. So, catcher-nii, congratulations ٩(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و I actually wish someone had recorded your interview. Sounds like it was pretty fun. Guess you must have mentioned the outdoors and your mad biking skills on your application (well done). And relating your outdoor experience to your teaching is brilliant. You'll probably be the most interesting teacher your students will meet, hands down. But yeah, in my opinion, the most successful interview is one that always feels comfortable and like a conversation, so clearly, you nailed it (as evidenced by the job offer). I'm not sure what to make of the unagi sushi comment hahaha.
Seeing as how you'll be in Kagoshima, it's a bit off from your hobo-in-the-woods dream, but it sounds like you won't have any issues there. Plus, there are bonuses to being a municipal JET - like, having your summer off, not being bombarded by kencho memos, and such. My knowledge on them is a bit limited since I only actively speak with one or two of the municipal jets over here (granted, that goes for the prefecture jets as well).
Not sure what advice will be of use.... most likely, you'll have a base school and one or more visit schools. If you get an elementary school, don't let the kids climb all over you or molest you (I've heard multiple stories of girls being groped by them - both male and female); in some schools, it would appear that throwing them is acceptable, though not recommended; and not all schools offer school lunch so you might have to make/bring your own bento. Oh! But moving on to actual useful advice, here're some things they never bothered to tell us before we got here. You should bring quite a bit of extra cash for the startup fees they don't mention in the first few months. Some examples are: hotel for orientation, travel expenses from Tokyo to school (probably won't be your case), fee for hanko stamp school makes, key money plus finders fee (if you're not taking over your pred's apartment), and any business trips - of which there will be a buttload. Most of these will be reimbursed but not for a few months. And be warned of the monstrous amount of paperwork that awaits you (`ཀ´)੭ꠥ⁾⁾ As for the actual teaching, it really depends on the JTEs you'll be working with. Working with some might be a peach, and others a b**ch—I mean—pain. Anywhere from letting you design your own curriculum and such to micromanaging your every move or only using you as a tape recorder. If you're bored in the month before classes start, walking around the school and crashing the various clubs was pretty enjoyable.

All that's all of the random advice I have for now. If you have specific questions, I'll be happy to answer them. Nice on leveling up your Japanese skills. That's awesome that your friends are forcing you to write them in Japanese. Like you said, great practice. How was persona 5, by the way? I'd been going back and forth on whether I should get it. I've only heard good things about it so far. As for Nier, I watched my li'l bro play it. Impressive you got through all that in Japanese. Your speaking abilities will probably come back to you with a vengeance once you're surrounded by it all the time again. You always were the stronger of us at conversational speaking. Then you'll show all those who chalked you up to just a hamburger-loving American a thing or two.

Pfft, yeahno....no fanfics for me - OP or otherwise. I still find the minds of fans terrifying. Hahaha, and if me not loving one piece would be such a shock to you, it's a good thing you didn't know me freshman year. Back then, I still looked upon it as utter garbage. That's what 4kids will do to you...

...Same as you, I really haven't been too impressed with recent anime lately. The only thing I'm currently watching, at the demand of my older bro, is DB Super - though I'm not sure how much that actually counts. In place of all the anime I'm not watching, I've picked up a few webtoons and I've increased my gaming time exponentially as well. For a while I was playing Dragon Quest for PS4, but now I'm juggling a couple Otome games, FFXV, DBX2, Destiny and a few others.