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Only Serious About You

Jul 30, 2020

Despite only giving it a six, it's a pretty decent BL. It caught my attention with the single parent detail, plus the rating is good. But it's also a bit slow, like some of the situations are dragged out.

Story: Oosawa is a single father with his daughter, Chizu. One day, Chizu gets a fever and Oosawa needs help taking care of her. Yoshioka, a common customer who seems to have a different boyfriend every time he visits, offers help. For being a playboy, Oosawa didn't trust Yoshioka that much. But as they spend time together, his opinion on Yoshioka slowly begins to change.

Art: Mediocre.

Characters: Yoshioka didn't have much of a presence, all I remember about him is that he was set on Oosawa. Plus he was forced to date one of his lovers. Oosawa's character was all over the place; I'm not sure what he's like, but he is straightforward and bashful at times. Chizu wasn't there as much as I expected, I think it was only in the last few chapters when she really mattered.

Overall3/5 stars

I think I'd recommend this if you're in a light mood.

6/10 story
7/10 art
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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