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I have only read a few chapters so I don't have much to say, sorry. I was expecting some guy with weak skills to gain respect and strength. And I got that, but I also got some little werewolf girl with a cringe, caveman-like way of speaking. She talks in the third person and I hate - and when I say hate, I mean really really hate - when characters talk in the third person. Especially little girls. I don't need to hear, "Noela hungry," or "Noela likes potion lots!" I shudder at the thought. I have a few acceptions but she is not one of them. The ML is okay, I'd rate him a 7/10, but the werewolf really impacted my view of the story. And everyone has really exaggerated reactions, especially when all he did was make a healing potion that smelled good (why were they so surprised?). If anything, potions that smell good should be the least of their worries! The art was really nice, not the best, but it was nice. I can't rate the story since I dropped it after reading only a few chapters. Mmm, I'm not strongly against the idea of recommending this since everyone has their own preferences, but I won't. 

See ya. 

?/10 story
8/10 art
3/10 characters
5/10 overall

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