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Hey i am Polarfuchs / Asharia. ❤️18.05.16 ❤️ 


My Rating-System


A great, wonderfull anime that I will see again and again.

This Anime are makes me very emotional. My favourite Anime.


Great, emotional anime I'll take a look again. 


 This anime was ok. Maybe i see it again.


Do not look again.

One is glad that it is over.


Never look again.

I really don't like this.


Everyone has a different taste. This is just my personal opinion!



Some Informations...


I watch Anime only with a german language or german subtitles. 

In a few exceptions by shorter episodes sometimes with english subtitles.


I do not particularly like the genre Harem, Ecchi and Sexual content.

Because in many cases they are too extreme for me and ruin the story. 

Like How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord or Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs.

Another thing is when it's explicitly about sex or it fits the story.



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Anime Character Klaxosaur Princess / Code 001 out the Anime DARLING in the FRANXX

drawing by MG42CaT-K1ng.

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Artwork by Jeff_LN

Gifs & the Picture out the Anime Yona of the Dawn

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381 total

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45 total

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Polyperchon Feb 7, 2019

I've been considering giving everything at least another star to try to make the distribution seem a little more normal but it would take forever. 

I also did the vast majority of these rating in one sitting so when I came across a show that didn't leave an impression upon me I gave it 1 star. I wanted to leave the higher ratings open to give a degree of difference to shows that I really enjoyed. The only things I could say I disliked are the 0.5 stars and/or some of the dropped. 

Grizz Sep 14, 2018

Re-upload your avatar on your main anime-planet profile (The page your reading this comment on) and it should resync your forum profile image and display your profile picture there as well. 

Larkawolfgirl Sep 1, 2018

Hi ^.^ If you've already seen something on my list, that counts. No need to rewatch anything. Do you want me to add you to the list of participants?