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Aug 19, 2021

I'm rating it 3.75 out of 10, just because thats how the individual ratings hold up when averaged, but I literally couldn't bear to watch the show any longer. I held up for 9 episodes, and I honestly wish I hadn't because thats time I could have spent doing literally anything else.

Watching paint dry would have been only slightly more painful.

Things done well or, at least, not horribly

I want to first point out the good stuff in the anime. The animation was alright. It wasn't anything too spectacular, but the colours and surrealist style at times were captivating. The sound design was honestly worse than I expected but its hardly the most noticeable flaw in the anime. The best thing, however, was the core premise of the show with yokai or whatever.

I admit, I forgot what it was even about because I've been trying to erase all memory of watching this.

The things that made me want to crawl into a media less cave and live the rest of my life without seeing any animes ever again

The animation might have been okay, but the repeated use of the same scenes was honestly so boring. They'd do their little dance and then the ball thing would happen (this whole thing, by the way, actually did make me physically throw up!). And the animation didn't change. Or if it did, it was barely noticeable.

On top of that, the colour of one of the characters was absolutely horrifying to me. Now, I've watched enough animation, both east and western, to know that people just have trouble with coloured character and this is extra frustrating for me as a man of colour. But I don't know if the character in question was meant to be representative of a person of colour or if it was meant to be a literal corpse because his skin colour was literally dirty grey.

I don't hide this by any means, but I'm a guy who likes men and women. As such, when I heard that there was a canonical gay character, I immediately was interested, thinking maybe finally. Its going to be written less like a fetishisation and more like actual real experiences.

I'm disappointed to say, I was wrong. Watching the gay character made me feel disgusted with the way his sexuality and character was shown. It made me feel like a tool, and I could honestly go on and on about how uncomfortable it was but I'll put it in a simpler way.

The representation made me feel like maybe the disgusting fetishisation of gay men was better.

If you really want to watch this, go ahead. But I jut want you to know that there are other animes which you could watch and enjoy than this.

4/10 story
5/10 animation
3/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.8/10 overall

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KodiakHowler12 Oct 28, 2021

AGREED, I couldnt get past the first episode though, it was so bizzare, hard to follow what the hell was going on in the storyline and alot of butt stuff... 🥲