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I have taken the time to do what others cannot, I have watched through the entire 12 episodes and heres two reviews. A spoiler free but short one and a longer spoiler heavy one. 

SPOILERS free review

Story: It started off well but progresssively got worse and worse until it became something close to a university math textbook, uninteresting and incomprehendable.

Animation: Similar to the story, it was meh for a series focused on battle with super powers and I think they just got lazy at the end.

Sound: Don't really remember the sounds so I guess it was mediocre

Chararcters: Lets just say I have pretty high expectations for characters. I then read some reviews, lowered it significantly and still no one reached the expectation. 

Overall: If you are super bored, just watch it. If you aren't, then don't waste your time here and watch smth else.

SPOILERS heavy review


The story started off pretty good. A highschooler bored of everyday life that just wants something to be interesting. He meets a mummy man thing on the way to school and outsmarts it. Then the next second his lower body was blasted into bits by a canon attached to a cat girl's hand.

I thought the premise was pretty normal (as normal as a survival game premise can get) and mediocre but its fine, because its usually the middle to latter end where it will start to shine or so i thought. It just got worse from there. They spent like another 3 episodes covering the first two programs and then threw us into an isekai like setting with teams and battles to the deaths that didnt seem to clash well with the survival game part. I usually will not compalin about a mix of two different genres but the later end became so isekai, there wasnt really a sense of survival game left in it. 

I think my biggest complaint for the story is the lack of time spent for the characters to take in the fact that someone just died and for them to understand the severity of the situation they are in. In most survival game series the contestsants arent people who have seen people getting killed on a day to day basis and this is especially true for thsi series. Our main characters are 16 year olds, not to mention probably have never seen someone die right in front of their eyes. Not to mention the other "audience" of the fights were also two high schoolers and a bussiness man. Perhaps the gang typep guy would have been less shocked but I find it very hard to believe that everyone saw a man die and not freak out for more than 3 minutes. I feel like they just kinda glossed over the fact that SOMEONE JUST DIED. Instead of maybe worrying about whether they will suffer the same fate at some point, or is trying to understand whatever it is going on, they decided to eat some food happily with the ladies dressed up as maids, completely ignoring the idea of the death of a team mate

Also the ending. Assuming Mion wasnt lying, and they were percieved dead by the entire world, wouldn't it be SLIGHTLY problematic for them to be wandering in the streets or for Akira's case, trying to go to school?

While I have many complaints regarding the story, one thing I think they done well is the powers given to each character. The powers all reflect something about them whether it is Yuuri's hotheadedness and giving her an ability to quintuple her physical abilities or giving Shin an ability to protect himself instead of fighting for the pacifist he is. Though personally, I would have hoped Yuuri's to be something related to chance because that might have been interesting for her wrestle with. 


I'm not a good judge for animation since I feel like I'm really biased about it. So all I am going to say is that they started off meh for a series focused on battles but then it got worse. The CGI was hilarious.


I dont usually pay attention to the sound in the anime unless its done really well or done really horribly. So considering I dont remember much about it, it was mediocre.


I have high expectations for characters but due to some reviews I read beforehand, I decided to lower these expectations, significantly. The anime somehow still didnt manage to have even ONE character reach them. 

Akira - I had to search up what his name was for this review. That itself should be a clear sign that he wasnt that memorable despite being the protagonist. I feel like despite 12 episodes passing, he has no character development whatsoever except perhaps a "i trust someone now" which was mentioned like twice throughout the entire series. He's just an emotionally shallow character who's only forcus was survival which is what I guess the creator was going for but he was done so badly, it just seems like the creators didn't care at all about him.

Additionally his personality or values dont line up with his actions at all sometimes. Take the scene where he tells Ringo to be confident in herself. If he was so "survival centered" why didn't he just tell Ringo why her ability isn't as bad as she imagined it to be. He isn't a character thats all nurturing and want Ringo to find the courageg on her own. He is a character to put his own and by an extent, his team's survival first so wouldn't it help for him to tell Ringo instead of letting her find out by herself?

Yuuri - Ok, so, Yuuri actually had a pretty good base going, character development wise. She was considered unlucky and hates the idea of random chance. Perhaps a good way to go would have been for her to accept the randomness of life and look back into her life to see the joyo the randomness brought her or something like that. It could go another completely different path as we learnt that her hate stemmed from her mother feeling that Yuuri was an accident. If she were to finally let go of her views and learn that regardless of what her mother thinks, she is here as she is and there are people who appreciates her. Using this we could also have goen in a direction later perhaps that maybe she understands that Akira dosen't really sees her as a person but only as a tool and maybe a conflict then could lead to a character development in her and Akira. While what actually happened was a better character development than Akira's non-existent one, i still feel that its not enough. 

Mion - we literally learn nothing except shes a cat girl with a huge canon and is kinda sick in the head. But not too much complaint there since shes supposed to be secretive and maybe more about her will be revealed in the future.

Also less of a complaint about Mion but more of a complaint to everyone else but has no one thought about maybe killing Mion??? like from what we know, the cat lady has a canon as her special ability. If maybe some people grouped up together, maybe they can take her down? Because we have seen that the canon ability is literally not that rare. And Ringo managed to beat someone with a canon ability one of one with her own ability. So what gives that literally no one decided that the cat lady has gone too far and go ahead to kill her?

Secondary characters - To be absolutely truthful I don't remember much. None of the other characters literally popped out to me and was remember worthy. Though there are some things I wanted to list but felt like they werent good enough to be in their own category

The two villains had sorta a nice base that just didnt get built on at all except for the little flash back of them being kids and wanting to build their little kingdom together but then what. What caused them to go from wanting to build a kingdom where they wanted to be accepted to building a literal hell?

Ringo had a better mini character arc than any of the main characters. Learning ot be confident and mainly, finding the resolve to actually kill someone. But then the complaint again that her killing someone never really left any impact on her as we never really see her visibly think that "oh I just took the life of someone with my own hands" and never saw her wrestle with her own consciousness about maybe how morally correct her actions were. Seeing her fighting with herself about maybe that she has just killed someone but it was to protect someone else and that they were technically an enemy spy and that she is in a survival game so killing would be necessary would be nice after the fight was over. And as she was perhaps rushing back into the base. 

Rin was more interesting than the main cast...sorta. Like some of the characters, Rin started off nicely. We got a sense that she iis manipulative and would do whatever it takes to stay alive even if it means betraying her own team. But thats it. Thats all we have of her. So really, nice start but guess they just forgot about her.

Sorta/very minor characters - my first problem/complaint with this is that they kinda just dissappeared??? which is i guess normal for a series with such a big cast but who the main issue is the characters they chose to be a very minor character was not ideal. Yuuri's stalker could have been promoted to be atleast a less minor character which would appear from time to time kinda like Ringo and had his little development arc. Like we saw him in the team battle and I sorta wished Yuuri could have had a bit of development then but that never happened so I kinda expected him to appear later to i guess "urge" a character development out of Yuuri but we kinda never saw him... ever again. Im just going to assume he died somewhere. 

Also an overall complaint with the characters and also technically the story is the plot armor. Its too strong. Every single character we talk to ends up living except those who had 20 different death flags taped onto their head. And that usually would be fine IF this isn't a series focused on DEATH. Its a survival game goddamnit. You are not telling me everyone that the protagonist talks to magically survives. Additionally, if they were aiming for a feeling of "survival" maybe killing a few people around the protagonist that we actually met would be a pretty good move for not only the protagonist but for us the audience to understand that "shit, this is a survival game, we dont know who's going to die next"

I was kinda excited that they decided to kill off the cheif of the Green team but only to my dissapointment to find out that they only heavily wounded him and he is very much alive, healthy enough to sit up even. 

Overall, I have more complaints but this is the general few. It has been a very weird experience to watch this.

3/10 story
4/10 animation
5/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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