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xida2t Sep 24, 2020

I get the feeling that you don't like San...

silverwine Feb 28, 2020

how in the world do you have 37k eps when u only watched 15 anime

T4G0R Aug 14, 2019

Hey, thanks for the comment with your opinion.

I agree, nothing is, was, will or should be simple or just perfect. This gives the world a different perspective. As long as the world is unbalanced, we have a reason to live, improve and feel. But on the other hand we pick to exist without seeking anything more, than just simple lives without a deeper meaning. Thus, we are very simple creatures which tend to fulfill the need of a safe and a long life. But is that really worth it? Is this where we should stop? I don't think so. The point I want to make is that the perfectness I mean is the will to go beyond simple, basic human nature goals.

Feel free to disagree with me. It's just my perspective.

KawaiiSB01 Jul 24, 2019

Ok dear , Let's stop this Fight ~ Cause If I fight here . . . I do be bad & leave Bad impression too ~

KawaiiSB01 Jul 24, 2019

My Goodness !! I'm Sorry ! Hmm. . . On your point of view It's correct But I think That's What Vampire do ~ 

I saw them With Their Past Stories & Awesomness (So I guess All have Their Own Opinion ~)