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My Fair Footman

Mar 13, 2021

What a cute manhwa! For the most part, it was sweet and adorable. 

STORY: The starting part was really promising with an interesting setting, but I feel like as the story went on, some of the added plotlines were a bit unnecessary. However, if you take it with a grain of salt, it was still enjoyable. 

ART: The art was so beautiful! This is one of my personal favourite art styles, so every chapter was a visual pleasure. The characters were all so beautiful, particularly the FL. I loved her with short hair as well!

CHARACTERS: In the beginning, I really enjoyed both the ML and FL personalities, however, the FL was so naive and a bit stupid in some situations, I found it hard to relate to her! But I guess it's because she grew up as a simple footman, but you'd think she would've learnt to be more cautious! However, the ML was just so sweet and swoon-worthy I couldn't help but love him. Together though, they made a lovely couple, and every interaction of theirs had me smiling. The villain was also pretty good, as I could understand her motivations and intent. Was she the most complex and clever villain? Probably not, but overall she contributed well to the story. I really appreciated some of the secondary characters, especially the prince and princess! They were such refreshing characters, and I  would've loved to see their side stories. 

Although there were parts where I was super frustrated, the end really made it worth it. I will however say that this was one of few manhwas to actually make me cry. The scene wasn't the saddest I've ever read, but the warm emotions were really beautiful, and I ended up being pretty emotionally invested in this story.

Overall, a sweet manhwa with a lot of cliches if you want a mostly fluffy romance. 

8/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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