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This is what i would call a substition for a horror film; the suspense and hard core gore is perfect for the halloween season or to freak you and your friends out with. The ending is truly gripping and interesting, and throughout the episodes you learn more and more about the story. This anime is truly gripping. The ending almost made me sad - you will find it out when you watch it i was actually confused for a moment but its so good i wont spoil it.

What i did like about this anime was the story line, i thought it was interesting and it was carried out quite well although it wasnt anything original or outstandingly amazing. I liked the fact tehre was never a dull moment and what you think happened is suddenly changed as well as your percpective of the characters. There are a lot of twists and turns which i found enjoyable. The quality of anime isnt great but what i would call worth watching. its also short so what have you got to lose?

I didnt like the lack of character development as it was a bit rushed, i do wish it was slightly longer. A few of the characters did annoy me as well, i thought their desicons were unrealistic and stupid sometimes, such as


when Satoshi leaves Yuka with some little girl he has never seen to go to the toilet outside ALONE?! its so unrealistic especially in that situation. It was his little sister like he would let her out of sight in that situation?. Also i found the lack of fear was unrealistic with some of the characters - they became way to used with the situation too quickly it just wouldnt be the case.

Despite his stupidity - due to the contributuon of the ending - Satoshi is my favoruite character. he was the one i connected with the most and found the most enjoyable to watch. i loved how he looked after everyone, especially Yuka. I feel so sorry for him due to the circumstances that occur and his lack of selfishness was very endearing to me (again the ending you will see what i mean)

I would recommend this NOT to the light hearted as the gore did make me cringe in some areas. Would i say this anime is scary? not to me but gore was 10/10. This is definitley something i would watch again and again. Watch in the dark with no light for the best affect but I would say it may cause a lack of food throughout XD

8/10 story
8/10 animation
5/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall

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