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Nov 30, 2018

This series is pretty good but it does tend to drag on. Reading the first part, and then reading the second part I get where the person was going when they were writing it but why would you add so many sub characters, that it drags the story on in such a bad way. It ends well what the journey to get there is impossibly boring. This one and the second half are both very short as of now 86 chapters for the first half and as of writing this(11/29/18) there have been 59 chapters released in English so these two series are pretty even in the amount of chapters they have. Don't know if the writer is going to go for a one major kill per chapter he does this is going to drag out way too long and series is going to be too boring to continue.


Now I know there's a whole bunch of stuff that happened there's good jokes, he kills a few people not many buddy those people really probably wish they were dead. Like I said he games a whole bunch of allies but at this moment in time and it serves no purpose, and he doesn't really avenge his master even though that was his main task when he left his master buried was to avenge his master losing and getting the shit kicked out of him. I do like how it has the one punch man feel of an overpowered main character who just doesn't actually put any effort into his attacks but on this series he actually has to put in some effort to beat the bag baddo. The only reason why I even say the end is good is because he actually defeats a hard character.

Is the series worth reading, sigh, I have to say yes but with caution because it's not for everybody. Worth a read no more.

6/10 story
7.1/10 art
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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