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OpheliaStorm Dec 19, 2018

Homura did not belong to any particular archetype in anime, so she never copied any tropes. She is completely different from your typical, stoic, mysterious character because she is much more detailed than the byproducts of the Ayanami Rei Expy. It makes little sense to say she is another rendition of a personality type when she is every personality type you can fathom. She can be considered kuudere, dandere, and yandere, all simultaneously. Therefore, she has no relation to other anime characters and cannot be considered repetitive because of this.

sothis Oct 16, 2017

It's no problem at all ^^

sothis Oct 16, 2017

Ah, yes, just click the highlighted button and it will "undo" the like or dislike. So, if it's set to "love", click the love button again

sothis Oct 16, 2017


There is no way to remove that data from the feed,


TheAngelofDeath Nov 26, 2014

Thanks for your comment!

Yes perhaps I overlooked hiromi a lot in my review and could of probably of done a lot better in describing her if I had tried to. Unfortunely as of now its been too long since i've last seen this Anime so I cannot remember all the important details in relation to her. If I ever choose to rewatch it again I'll definately update my review with the 2nd watch view (perferably the objective view of it). However unfortunely while it was a fun and awesome Anime to watch I don't see it as an Anime with a powerful rewatchability so it may not be easy to get back into the mood to watch it again but if I do then I'll definately update it.

Thanks for the opinion!