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Hi you may call me Elsie, Kari, Mash, or PQ.


Personality: INFJ     Zodiac: Scorpio

Someone has my heart / Taken

I love anime, cartoons and games.



Theme: Hikari Kamiya


Simply adore



              Fruits Basket ||             Digimon ||                       Kokoro Connect  ||            


           Princess Tutu ||               Soul Eater ||                   Ouran Host Club ||           RWBY





Voltron                  Miraculous ladybug                   Code Lyoko           Danny Phantom





Anything else you wanna know just ask!


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artsiecassie May 3, 2021

Sorry for replying to this so late but I feel you. The site is going to die very soon most likely. Even now I pretty much gave up on it, lmao. 

I hope that your move in went well enough if renovations are done and what not. Ik moving can be very stressful but you got this!

AtuaDamnedIdiot Apr 30, 2021

I've been watching Fairy Tail and a few anime airing this season! What about you?

artsiecassie Mar 22, 2021

yeah for sure it's died down a lot on there. but knowing me I'll be there until it dies, lmao. Which might not be much longer with them testing out the beta. oh you moved far? time zones are always such a hassle to deal with. i remember when i first moved to a new time zone with a 3 hour difference it was so hard resetting my internal clock, lol. i was going to bed so early and waking up early, it lasted about a month or so. 

sm3xyang3l Mar 12, 2021

Heh pretty good, I'm finally gettin back into watching more anime lol I've been a bit gone from it for a while. Wbu? Are you still active on CR? 

artsiecassie Mar 12, 2021

it's been alright, having a bout of headache issues lately tho, lol. 

i like your username ~ might change mine when i can to one of my old cr usernames, lolol. 

did the threat of cr closing everything down drive you back here too? lol