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NekroNeko May 3, 2014

Heh, you've surpassed my watched anime total.

NekroNeko Apr 18, 2009

Yeah, pretty much.  I'm blasting through Ranma 1/2 atm.  It's been pretty good up to now though not your preferred genre.  I have quite the list of anime I have that I want to watch though, could take me a year or two at my current pace to get through them all.


Death Note I want to watch, but Code Geauus (sp) I have no idea about but I hear it mentioned a lot in anime circles.  Would you recommend it?

jelly Apr 9, 2009

no?...its nice to leave with purpose rather not knowing your existance....

NekroNeko Jan 17, 2009

Long time no speak.  I'm still a few weeks behind.  Been going through a rennaisance of anime lately.  Watched loads recently.  My current goal is Dragonball.  Been quite entertaining.  Watching other stuff as well in the mean-time too.  Anyways, I'm after you're soul, erm, I'm out to beat your anime measuring stick.


Ja ne!

Iahel Jan 18, 2008


Om du tycker om kort anime så titta på Jumping och Tobira o Akete. För lång tid sedan tittade jag på The Twelve Kingdoms men jag tog starka intryck av den här anime. Det är shounen utan gossar för mig.

Ursäkta, min svenska inte så bra ^_^