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Yo, peeps.  

Nothing much to say here cept that I'm a gal from Scotland who watches a lot of anime. I try to write reviews when I can and if you disagree with me, feel free to leave a comment saying why. It's always cool to hear different points of view, even if you don't agree with them. I'm always trying to improve my writing as I'm currently a journalism student. 

I tend to mainly enjoy things like dark stories or dark themes. I also have a huge weakness for arthouse style animation and dark comedies. Despite this though, I'm willing to give anything a go, no matter the genre. After all, never know when something may surprise you. 

Also, as much as I try to convince myself to watch many classic titles (some of which I've liked, some I haven't), I also have a deep love for the underrated, obsecure anime out there as well and try to find and watch some whenever I can. 

I also have an unhealthy, almost uncurable love for musicals. Seriously, I'm one of those annoying nutjobs that just wishes life was a musical.

With that said, if you decide to check my reviews out, I hope you enjoy reading them and feedback is always appreciated, even if you don't agree with me. Have a good day, be good to each other and peace out ~

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sunshinechild67 Jun 10, 2015

I'll definitely consider Steven Universe then but it feels like I have so much to watch and I'm so lazy I can't finish anything. Though I haven't watched any American animated shows in awhile, pretty much the last one was Korra. I might also go back and rewatch some of my favorites from childhood, like Recess (I LOVED Recess) and Hey Arnold. Feeling nostalgic occasionally I guess.

I hope university is going good. What are you studying there? It seems like lately we're all being reminded of terrible things about our countries. I imagine you've seen a lot about the constant problems with police and racism that's been happening in the US, it's just upsetting we're still living in a time when it's become almost the norm for people to be killed by police or attacked for protesting. This is mostly on the East coast and midwest, but even though that's not touching California hugely we're stuck in the middle of a massive drought and everyone's worried about when or if it will end.

On a slightly lighter note...I did get back to America a few weeks ago. I've just been laying around the house since I'm not taking summer courses or getting a summer job (or looking for one, like I did all last summer to no avail.) My sister is going on her own trip to Europe soon so I'm spending time with her before she leaves. I'm kind of lonely at home though since all of my college friends live in different cities and my high school friends are all taking summer classes at their universities hours (or several states) away so I can't visit them.

sunshinechild67 May 8, 2015

I had to save up a lot to get on this trip, and I lucked out with it being a school-sponsored trip and all. Once you land in Japan, though, the prices are really good (I'd always heard everything was more expensive here, and it looks that way you see prices for dvds and cds, but everything else seems cheap?)

If I was going to watch any newer American animation I would probably pick Over the Garden Wall, Steven Universe, and Young Justice. I saw some of the Utena shout-outs from Steven Universe in a gif set on tumblr and I was pleasantly surprised that they would do such a nice homage. I heard about the Evangelion references from a fan of the series, too. I was pleased by the ending of Korra too, because I was afraid they would just hand Makorra to the fans as an 'apology' for not making Zutara canon (a lot of fans seemed to regard Makorra in that way, explaining why I disliked both pairings), but I'm glad they didn't go that way and actually decided to make a meaningful statement with their finale. My biggest issue when I was watching the series was that it lacked the cast chemistry and character development of the original Avatar, I didn't feel like everyone was used well or that they actually made a team (for example Mako never worked as a team member, though I heard he gets a little better, and Asami was really underused I felt.) Admittedly, though, topping Avatar would be a very large feat.

I hope everything's going ok with work! Are you still in school right now? I'm not sure how the school year is in the UK.

sunshinechild67 May 2, 2015

I'm a homebody at heart so I can understand wanting to stay home in the city sometimes. I'm staying in Kyoto right now, and in about a week me and my class head over to Tokyo for another week and a half before going home. Japan is wonderful! It's incredibly easy to get around honestly, and the stuff is actually reasonably priced (plus our money does really well in conversions to yen.) We've visited some Shinto and Buddhist temples so far as well as some shopping areas, and we're thinking of going to Kyoto Animation and a manga museum in our spare time this week. We're also visiting Nara and Hiroshima (I'll get to pet the Nara deer!) Anyways though if you ever get the opportunity to visit Japan I would recommend it, though I haven't seen much of Tokyo yet so who knows what that's like?

I've mostly been watching live-action American tv. I've heard good things about a lot of current animation, and I might give Over the Garden Wall a chance. I'm just sort-of not that into the character designs for Gravity Falls or Steven Universe, they look odd to me (though Rose from Steven Universe has a cool design and I like a lot of the fanart I've seen of her.) It sounds like such a strange reason but I can't get over it for some reason. I have heard good things about both but they're just not my thing. I was watching the Legend of Korra for the first two seasons, but they were ultimately so...mediocre at best that I gave up completely (I've heard the last two seasons were improvements, and of course there was the ending, but I'm not willing to devote more time to a series where half the running time is essentially wasted.) However it is nice to see more creative animation occurring, and honestly more animators willing to push boundaries and step outside the lines we've arbitrarily made for children's series (and animation in general...because apparently animation is only for kids...) It feels like a natural extension of shows like Avatar or the DCAU shows which tried to appeal to all ages and treated their audience intelligently.

Is your arm healed now? I hope you're doing alright over there. Also, your aunt gives some great advice, haha.

sunshinechild67 Apr 17, 2015

Aww, I'm sorry! I hope you're doing ok and feel better soon.

The way you describe Arren reminds me a bit of Catalina Island, off the coast of California. It's basically the same thing, lots of hills with a small harbor with stuff to actually do. I visited it awhile ago (it's a common thing to visit apparently if you live near Los Angeles but I've only ever been there once.) It's always nice to just get away from everything though right?

Ah, ok, now I get it. I think my sister's a fan of Welcome to Night Vale but she's never mentioned it to me really outside of posting stuff on her tumblr. I've never been really into podcasts but it sounds almost like an old-fashioned radio program or something (with the story arc and development and whatnot.) Then again I like to watch videos of people playing video games on youtube so watching a podcast isn't that much of a stretch, anyways.

bmcafee Apr 12, 2015

Yes, you hit the nail on the head.  Rebellion, much like the original series, practically REQUIRES a re-watch.  Both throw a lot at you when you aren't expecting it.  To be honest, I hated the ending the first time I watched it.  After I had a day or two to think about it, I changed my mind.  On a second viewing, I had done a full 180 and I absolutely loved the ending.  I can understand how that might be a turnoff for a lot of viewers who are content to watch once and wald away, but I find it refreshing when a story expects more from the audience than passive viewing.  I think that is one of the things I like most about Madoka Magica, that it doesn't spoon feed the audience.  Especially with Rebellion, you need to be on your toes, mentally, to take it all in.  Where the original series had a lot of metaphor in the story, Rebellion had a lot of metaphor in the visuals, and unless you are a true genious, as I am certainly not, you are going to have to do a little research to wring the full story out of it.

Sometimes I want to sit back and watch some mindless entertainment... a distraction from the daily troubles.  Other times, I want to be challenged by my entertainment.  And when I'm in that mood, Madoka Magica is where I turn.

Can't wait to read your other reviews.  I'll definitely follow you.