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JesusLovesYou Dec 8, 2020

First of all he is so smart. He literally knew when he was about to die

How you make ask??

Eveything Near "did" or "found out" was actually information L Lawliet had left for  him. He was even smart enough to know that Kira was going to kill him. Thats why he did the whole cleaning Light's feet thing. It was a Bible refrence basically saying he knew Light was going to betray him. Also he said on the rooftop scene he said "He heard the bells" That is another refrence he knew he was going to die. He knew either Rem or Light was going to kill him. He litterally sacreficed his own life to catch Kira (Light). And when he was cleaning Lights feet he also said "It's the least I can do the atone for my SINS" It was a sort of play on words because he knew Light was Kira and he knew Light thougt of himself as a "god" so thats why he said that. Even while being dead L Lawliet still managed to get Light tangled in his large web. 

Second of all he add that little bit of humor such a dark series would need

Im not gonna sit here are make you think hes funny but he is funny and adorable

Third he added that rivalry the series needed....well at least before the writers decided to kill him off  (which was so stupid)

Without L the show would've been Light aimlessly killing people with no rival and no ultament target.

Those are a few reasons why I adore L Lawliet so much and i think he shouldn't have been killed 

eman13csl Feb 26, 2019

he is the super intelligent, kind-hearted boy and he is totally different than any anime character

Suzuyuki Mar 17, 2018

Thanks for the info! I'll look at it :)

Kari5 Feb 16, 2018

I mean, it's not like he has any good qualities, lol.

PawnSums Feb 16, 2018

Why do you share my hatred of valt?