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Me fui a MAL:


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I adore these characters

I'm not a fan of these characters


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JJuane Jun 17, 2014


TeckLogico Nov 25, 2013

El 10 de mayo me escribiste y recién lo leo jajaja, los años pasa como si nada xd nunca más me saludas en face gil

strokera Oct 27, 2013

Jajajaja me puse al día con mis series (? terminé SNK y empecé a ver la de madoka magica jaja

sothis Sep 30, 2013

Hello! Just leaving comments for folks who used to have twitter accounts linked to let you know about the new/much better version of the feature:

We had to remove all previous twitter setups to activate the feature, so you may have noticed a 'lost twitter badge'. To re-set it up, just go to 'edit profile' and use the new 'sign in with twitter' button. Once you do, you can also opt-in (it's opt-out by default!) to automatically tweet when you do stuff on the site, like mark anime or add recommendations. If you just 'sign in' without opting in to any settings, it'll be just like before, and your feed will once again show on your profile homepage :)

strokera Jul 2, 2013

Dale medicamentos a la nenita de tu avatar :/ se ve un poco enferma.