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Welcome to my profile! Parakasha is my professional name, so you can just call me Lucy. I'm a young trans-fem enby that plays a lot of games and sometimes watches anime.


I've been watching anime for a long time, and I would personally consider my first anime to be Squid Girl (Shinryaku! Ika Musume).

Ika Musume

This is because it was the first show I watched after becoming aware of what the term "anime" entailed, at least in the Western sense of the word.
Although, as a small child I had seen the likes of Dragon Ball and Naruto, it doesn't sit well with me to call those my first anime. I only learned those were anime long after I first watched them. Anyway, this explanation is quickly getting old. 

My favorite anime is the entirety of Symphogear!

 I like to base my online presence around the image of Yuno from Hidamari Sketch. She's a huge personal favorite character of mine.

You could call her my comfort character. She's just like me, for real!

Of course, as mentioned prior, I enjoy playing games a lot.

My favorite game is Bloodborne. I'm also an avid Elder Scrolls lore freak. I love JRPG's and my favorite, besides Bloodborne, is Tales of Xillia.

I play Final Fantasy XIV Online nearly every day. You can find my main character on Primal: Behemoth, under the name Azar Valentinus! I run a free company called Nexus Guardians (SONG), inspired by the cast of Senki Zeshou Symphogear. I like to raid, roleplay, glamour hunt, and just chill out. It's my comfort game.

I have a YouTube channel I sometimes upload to. I like to make video essays and talk about stuff I'm really passionate about. Totally check out my video on Iyashikei!

Below are my channel and other social media accounts. I hope we may get along!

YouTube: Parakasha

Twitter: @parakasha0

Backloggd: Parakasha

Letterboxd: Parakasha

Facebook: Lucia Valentinus

FFXIV Char: Azar Valentinus

Anilist: Parakasha (for AMQ)

Discord: Parakasha#1975

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capradoggos Jan 27, 2020

Boom Parakasha

Yasuji Jan 26, 2020


ShadeLineHeart Apr 25, 2018

His English is also an utter "disgrace". Just some angry kid who probably expected A and got B. 

LavanderGirl Nov 13, 2016

Yo Nick-kun?! Omg! It's been so long since I last logged in on here. Right now I am watching the first episode of Baka no Test. It might be intresting, I am going to give it a go. lol. I really like your profile page and it's much better as the images aren't too big. Good job!

ScarletRain Dec 24, 2015

Merry Xmass :)