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asucrews Aug 10, 2007

yeppers, one more to add to this list of az people.  i was looking into see if there would be intrest in doing a az grathering...

SlaserX Aug 9, 2007

Yeah, well I got a few episodes of Shin Hokuto no Ken from David... they were dubbed though >_> I'm looking to get the whole series subbed. I'll find it out there somewhere, but until then there is always GekiRanger!

Lolo Aug 8, 2007

How the fuck poker or even spelling bees became a sport? I don't know. Maybe because American society is known to have a shit load of fatasses.

ROFL...u rock 

Himitsu Jul 24, 2007

Woo! Hajime no Ippo! That's all I have to say really ^^;

Onneichan, you should stop debating, and start watching! lol. I think it's a hilarious anime that is very enticing. It's actually in my top 5 as well.

OneiChan Jul 20, 2007

Ive been debating on watching Hajime no Ippo, but haven't mustered it up yet.. I guess I haven't met anyone who have given me any compelling reasons why its a good watch. I did watch One Pound Gospel though, which is a Rumiko Takahashi boxing story and I thought it was pretty good ^_^