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SlaserX Sep 18, 2007

I dont know if I've seen your Ippo review yet... I've mainly just watched all your Gundam reviews. I'll check it out.

Is Kenichi that good? Maybe I'll add it to my list... just as soon as I'm done with Slam Dunk (I'm on episode 14... I watch one every school day, so I'll be done in ~18 weeks). 

SlaserX Sep 17, 2007

Ugh, "AnimeTV" is TERRIBLE.

Anyhow, watch the two live action Death Note movies... you'll NEVER regret it. It's got the guy who played Nanahara Shuuya as Light, and fricken Chairman Kaga as Souichirou Yagami. The movies are full of so much win.

If you want to do a review on it, bring it on over to my house... I can make it not suck :D 

OneiChan Sep 10, 2007

Okay.. I was just watching some of your reviews on youtube... and I had to laugh at you calling everyone dumb fucks for saying mayn-ga instead of mahn-ga when they said the word 'manga'. I'm one of those people. I guess  I have never heard it pronounced the 'correct' way ><

Wolfco Aug 30, 2007

You need to add additional votes in the AniRec of the Week thread to your original post.  That is how I make sure everyone's votes are counted and at the same time make sure no one votes for more than five things.  (This gives me an excuse to post on your comments page.  Haha!)

algelic Aug 17, 2007

You know... you video reviews remind me of something I found out recently. It's "AnimeTV"... a kind of show where they make anime reviews. I found the episodes at Veoh.