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SlaserX Oct 5, 2007

Yeah, I've never liked Coleman. Goodrich either. I think both of them are just pompous assholes.

Tank Abbot still fights? Since when? I wanna see a newer fight of his lol.

I think Frye should get into UFC and kick some ass, he could do it again.

Go Henderson! Woo! 

SlaserX Oct 4, 2007

Ray and cooper's too far for me, and yeah... I doubt steven would do it. He's been sucking lately.. alot ;p

Anyhow, yeah, I hope Silva gets his ass kicked like the panty waist he is, and I'm voting on Franklin too... sounds like a decent event.

I just wish I could see a Don Frye match in UFC. It'd be interesting I think.

SlaserX Sep 24, 2007

Yeah, I know how uber Shogun is, but I still expected him to lose. I didnt see Couture's normal spiel about who's going to win or lose, but I did see Griffin talk about the fight, and I think he hit alot of big points. Shogun has no experience in the cage, so he really doesnt know how to utilize the benefits of the cage. In pride, you almost have to avoid the ring, because if you get too close, you're reset.

That was basically my guess on why shogun was going to lose... I mean, he fought well, it made it to the end of the third round, so it wasnt too bad of a fight. 

SlaserX Sep 23, 2007

I dont care about Sanchez really, I expected Shogun to lose, and wtf Liddel lost?

Lolo Sep 20, 2007

dumb fucks for saying mayn-ga instead of mahn-ga when they said the word 'manga'. I'm one of those people. I guess  I have never heard it pronounced the 'correct' way >< too lol well now I know the right way to say it! ...but I'm still a dumb fuck :) - the marvelous captain lolo