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SlaserX Dec 19, 2007

Haha way to break the site. Fricken sweet though, I made Vorchanchyn tap out XD

SlaserX Dec 19, 2007

Rofl that video was great, but something caught my eye... one of the dancers is either 10 years old, or he's a midget!

SlaserX Dec 17, 2007

No way, Ryan Gracie is dead? I bet he was killed...

I just saw the Shogun vs Griffin fight on spike's 2007 wrapup special... the whole fight looked like a bunch of retards hitting each other. It wasnt a normal fight at all. 

SlaserX Nov 28, 2007

Yeah, I heard about Serra. What a panzy he is.

Anyways, yeah, steven works till 10, and biggie works till midnight, though if it's a saturday, steven will be off (but I doubt he'd watch it... he sucks like that)

SlaserX Nov 26, 2007

Dont know... when/where is it?

Steven and Biggie will have work during it though o.-