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Mar 9, 2019

This Manga is very heartwarming as well as motivating... it has some sense of realism while still beeing quite optimistic in a way. The main character starts off as a gentle but naive soul, however she gets smarter overtime always staying true to her goal. 

I personally really appreciate how sudden events do not feel forced even though they could easily seem unrealisticly merry.

For an Art Manga it is somewhat lacking in art quality... but the style itself is still great and well drawn. (just not exeptionaly)

If you enjoy to read someting which is light and easy to enjoy, while still mainting a certain realism this is for you. (probably)

Ps: The story is not some typical feminism story which gives the vibe of almost every male beeing an rude **** but rather shows, that everyone has their own struggle and people are not quite on purpose rude to the MC but just adjust to their time and therefore have low expectations torwards femals torwards working in certain (/most) areas.

8/10 story
7.5/10 art
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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