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Di gi charat Xmas special

Happy holidays one and all. This review had to be done. Even though it is several days after Christmas. I had written this review on the actual day but had no time to post until now. With that being said.

I had to complete my holiday anime list or I should say lack there of. When I did find what I think is the only 2 this happens to be one of them.

All I can say is wow! Not being familiar with this series and it characters at all. What I can gather from this extreme chaos is that it's seems that it's main character is always finding troublesome conflict with all of the shows side characters. A chaotic comedy that only the most die hard Otaku can understand or only that someone from Japanese could understand. The interesting part about this is that I could barely see any evidence that this anime had anything to do with Xmas at all.There was a cake, I think I saw a tree with decorations for a mere moment but the holiday spirit was completely overlooked by the shear wackiness of this series.

While very colorful and spastic the animation is typical. Coming from the animation house of J.C.Staff (Shoujo Kakumei Utena,or Revolutionary Girl Utena , Honey & CloverNodame Cantabile) which are some of my favorite but its very chaotic nature reminds me of one of my least favorite Excel Saga made by the same company. Some hits, Some misses.

Soundtrack is quite good. Basic j pop opening and closing themes but the internal soundtrack stands out like a sore thumb but only in a good way. Ripping bass lines and aggressive slow tempo beats dominate the ear canal.

Characters where rambunctious, and completely annoying. I really could not tell who was who.

Overall this Di Gi Charat Xmas Special is a pass for me. Not worth it even for a holiday list.



4/10 story
4/10 animation
5.5/10 sound
4/10 characters
4.3/10 overall
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