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Initial D Second Stage

Nov 20, 2010

Initial D Second Stage

With only a 13 episode run this time of the Initial D franchise. What it may lack in episodes makes up for itself with better quality. You thankfully see the story go a little further than just its racing story line from the original series. While the racing plot becomes a little more intense ( 86 vs 86! ). More drama ion the storyline shows up with more "twists and turns" than it predecessor.

Along with a more successful plot line the animation cleans up with sharper edges and crisper lines. A better budget for the anime team of Pastel gives Initial D Second Stage a well deserved "overhaul". Sadly though CG still looks amateur. I guess you can only beg for so much.

Opening theme and background racing soundtrack remains the same J-pop, sugarcoaed ParaPara ever!.Interestingly, I found the English translation to come off extremely "engrish". End theme is a nice soft ballad still in J-pop fashion,but much more bearable.

Characters become quite compelling. As you dive further into the Fujiwara family, mostly the father, Bunta stands out among the the rest. Team "Takumi" shows their range in the world of Anime  side characters. Especially Itsuki. The real interesting part is the turmoil between our hero and his love interest.

A "tune-up" well deserved. JDM keep rejoicing. Can't watch this one if you haven't watched the first one, Sorry ;__;. Oh yeah. This when you review the first one. Now you can use puns.




6/10 story
5.5/10 animation
5/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
5.8/10 overall
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