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Initial D

Nov 13, 2010

Now, I could spit off the worse JDM puns. Thankfully I am above that and will spare my Otaku brethren o(^▽^)o.

After about 15 years worth of a horrible smoking habit.Years of smoking,damaging the interior my car had always left me uninterested in the care of cars and car culture, especially JDM (Japanese Imports).

Now, after kicking the habit I am finally paying more attention into the maintenance of my vehicle. With my new found interest in cars,(Japanese Imports of course)and at the same time searching for my newest "late night anime'. I come across Initial D.

A"slice of life", set in a rural Japan, in a town probably not to far outside of Tokyo. It seems that if you do not live the liveliness of the Neo-Edo, then all you can do is drift. I really like the story. I love rural towns. Working at the gas station may sound like a simple, mundane job,but you really get a sense of pride of the daily lives that only from the Land of the Rising Sun. Racing scenes do carry a longing of "what happens next". Any intelligent person will already know its ending though.

Animation is just shameful. It seems hard for a couple of reason to chastise the young anime company Pastel at this time (1998). CG was in is infancy and I would have to say that the company had no budget being their first anime. Which if anything, it does not come across as a animation studio at all.With reasoning that it only produces the Initial D franchise anyway.its animation style looks like it's a shaky version of GTO.

Sound is rudimentary J-Pop. Warning! Do not consume high energy drinks while watching racing scenes. Soundtrack is high BMP techno that just might make you drive a little to fast the next day. So be careful on the roads.

Characters had a decent depth. A broad spectrum of anime personas decorate the screen. To bad the animation crudeness makes it hard to focus.

Overall this anime is a watch for the "slice of life" fan who love backgrounds and scenery of Japan. JDM embrace and rejoice!

6/10 story
4/10 animation
5.5/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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kyuuketsukii Nov 13, 2010

I think the animation fits the style and humour of the series well, also the animation used in the street races is pretty good. I also thought the animation fit GTO as well as it has similar humour, ah well. : >