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 Ichigo 100% Jump Festa 

Its dreary out, clouds are quite the shades of grey and black, and I have been fighting off a cough and cold for about a week now. On my couch feeling very down, I say to myself "it is the prefect time for a new review.". When I don't feel well I never want to watch something long or with a deep plot. So thankfully I pull out my trusty iPhone and proceed to the greatest website ANIME-PLANET! I head over to my profile so I can take a look at my Want to watch List. There it is, staring me straight in the face. Ichigo 100% Jump Festa the one episode Harem genre OVA. I had originally watched what I thought was its predecessor of this series, but if you look by its date it shows that this came out before the 12 episode OVA from MADHOUSE. This series is a guilty pleasure. You think that just because you throw panty shot after panty shot (Pantsu, Pantsu. shout out to my pal Chi.) that you can not have a serious plot. I believe that even thought the 12 episode OVA will give you the broader sense of establishing who Tojo,Junpei,Nishino, and others really are, I would have to say you feel a deeper bond and understanding between all characters (broken window cabin scene). Animation clean, clear and colorful. Soundtrack what not standout in every scene but fit in nicely with every hint of romance. As I do find a deeper meaning into this anime, we have to remember that this is still a Echhi/Hentai anime. Though it defiantly leans more on the light hearted Echhi side of things. It is not for every age.(you have to be this many Pokéballs to ride this OVA.) I would recommend this anime for any growing Otaku. Someone who is growing into a mature Inuyasha and taking quite the large step into Chobits. I know that some diehard Otaku may think that comparison is blasphemous but Please! you know where you started.


7/10 story
6.5/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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