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I've been watching Anime a long time. 

It used to be called Japanimation.

Lupin the Third is hurt

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KarinXOXO Apr 5, 2019

Thanks for the follow! Following you back! xoxo

pineapplesaladfan Feb 19, 2019

Howdy! So, last year, the Orphan subtitle group finally completed their complete translation - it's quite good, too! At first, I watched it on Kiss (it's all there,) but I eventually caved and used my BakaBT account to just get the whole show like that. The new translation has proliferated amongst other sites, too, from what I've seen, so you can watch it with a quick Bing search (Google has a nasty habit of making it hard to find streaming sites, I've noticed...)

I'm holding out hope for Discotek to maybe try and license this one. It's surprisingly relavent to modern audiences.

Rascal Feb 11, 2019

No, I wouldn't say it's worth it for the drama or the romance. Watch SNAFU if you haven't already seen it for a similar but much better experience

JigenDaisuke Dec 30, 2018

The new little background on my profile? Thanks! Found it on an Italian Lupin fan page on FB lol

Funkgun Sep 15, 2018

Heh, thanks man. =)