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Please feel free to comment! I create everything I do on here to discuss anime/manga. So, if you have any recommendations, thoughts, difference of opinion, or whatever, please share.  I'd also love it if you visited my 8Tracks and liked a few playlists (the more likes = more listening time ;) 


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Allen x Kanda (D Gray Man), Yuri x Victor (Yuri on Ice), Asami x Akihito (ViewFinder), Yashiro x Doumeki (Twittering Birds Never Fly), Roy x Riza (Fullmetal Alchemist), Erin x Ial (Kemono no Souja Erin), Haruka x Michiru (Sailor Moon), Souichi x Morinaga (Tyrant Falls in Love), Winry x Edward (Fullmetal Alchemist), Oscar x Andre (Rose of Versailles) 

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XxZeroeZxX Nov 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving! :D

XxZeroeZxX Oct 19, 2017

Oh hello there :)

Good to see ya ^_^

Haha, maybe one of these days...

Yeah Made in Abyss was great :). The ending was slightly underwelming, but thats largely because it was a bit of setup for a potential 2nd season (which I would consider pretty likely). And yeah it is a big contrast between the amazing background and creature animations, and the shitty moe character animations, but I mean eventually the story takes over ^_^

Well I come f/ one of the islands, which I hav been too quite a few times when I was younger ^_^. I haven't been in many yrs now though, its such a schlep of a trip and international travel is so expensive these days too.

Haha thats ok don't worry about it :)

So whats been new w/ u? ^_^

AnimeJunkee Aug 6, 2017

Awesome :)

Another one you can add that I didn't think of until later is 07-Ghost. Some people - and even Crunchyroll - think that it's a shonen-ai because the protagonist has very close relationships with male characters.

If I think of more I'll let you know ;)

XxZeroeZxX Aug 6, 2017

No need to apologize my friend, I understand :)

No I pretty much just hang out around here and on social u know

Haha that was cute that 1st little thing u said ^_^, I've heard Legend of Galatic Heroes is good, maybe next time I get in the mood for an old school anime I'll give it a look (like I did w/ the original Berserk haha)

Lol those would probably be my bottom two haha, but I don't necessarily find that to be a problem, I always say that as long as ur a good and kind person, there's no reason I wouldn't get along w/ u ^_^. Also u better like hugs :p

I'm quite enjoying this new show Made in Abyss, I just find it very intriguing and the background r just like so stunning. It just gives it kind of that Miyazaki-esque sense of wonder, despite the awful moe character animations lol

Aww u must like the sea then, that's great I lov the beach ^_^

Oh did u now? That's great! I'm sure u must've had fun :D

I haven't been on like a big vacation like that in a long time, I hav been to Europe a few times to visit family, I'm actually a 1st generation American, half Greek and half Portuguese :)

Hopefully those little blurbs were interesting, I actually quite like ur conversation philosophy ^_^

So a couple extra things about me, I work as a civil engineer, I really lov to cook, oh and I'm also quite tall hope u don't mind :)

But yeah, look forward to hearing back f/ u ^_^

And if you'd really like I can certainly add u on social if u want, I never mind having a new friend to chat w/ :)