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The prologue of the manga is terrible, the chars are mostly lame and unrealistic, the Goddess is clearly a crook but most don't care and the normal school kids couldn't care less about a companion being killed for no reason., It's reminiscent of "Dungeon Seeker" and such stories, and feels like a story written by a misanthropic lame guy that was bullied as a kid and has a shitty family, thus ends up hating his classmates, blamed society for whatever BS he went through in his life and dreamed of childish and self serving instant gratification crap to take revenge on those who slighted him and even society. Correspondingly, the author shows a lack of understanding of human relations and psychology with how cartoonish characters are.
That might be enough for many to drop this there, yet surprisingly, the tune changes after the 1st dungeon, the MC drops his hatred monologues and self pitty (mostly) and while it ain't an amazing manga by any means, it's perfectly readable, the MC still has some serious issues but is mostly normal and follows the law of Talion both for kindness and retribution. The villains are still caricatures but overall it's an ok story to kill some time and if it keeps improving it might even be an enjoyable read, so far it's been half very bad and half decent. Unfortunately, it's a monthly release, so it will take years before there's enough material to incline the balance one way or another.
As for the art, it's good, but it suffers the same surrealistic/cartoonish aspects as the story and characters. Some may like that, like villainous faces with deformed grins, but I find them off putting.

6/10 story
6/10 art
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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