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I found it boring and the pace slow. The misunderstandings are tedious, specially when all evidence points in some direction and the MC just goes into lala land and decides to make her own fiction of events. And just when you think that she got herself together the next phrase shows she's still misunderstanding several things. And not only her... the Duke is a socially awkward person so he's excepted but there is no excuse for the rest.So yeah, the misunderstandings feel just forced.

As for the comedy, I don't get i, I don't find it funny thou it seems to be hilarious for other people. It's basically just each character being a weirdo, each seeing what they want and making dumb assumptions and comments. Comedy as always is very subjective, this isn't funny at all for me, utterly boring is more like it.
Storywise, I don't know where this is going and to be honest I'm loosing interest fast so I most likely will end up dropping this one before finding out.
Last, The art, its good and would be great if it weren't for the characters designs. I can't get used to it with all characters looking as if they suffer from insomnia and are in constant suffering.
Bored, dropped.

4/10 story
7/10 art
3/10 characters
4/10 overall

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