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Sep 8, 2019

A manhua that's probably oriented to kids, and lascivious kids at that. Story might have been interesting with a more serious approach but as it is it just lacks depth and it's halfway through of being serious and a joke. There are for example many things that the author simple doesn't explain or dig into, like how come a demon beast wonders around a city and everyone is just ok with it. When convenient the author will use a theme in a comedic, he seams to think that by doing it that way he can pass anything without further explanation or justification. I don't like this half assed comedy style, either take your story seriously or don't.

Characters are quite lame on the other hand, human women seem to fall in love with a weird beast for no reason (he's a freak, a mix of and and dragon, disgust is expected, atration? no), the female lead doesn't even question the MC being able to speak human language, the MC seams to like having a rope tied around his neck and for example, chooses to go live with the most annoying and the only person he doesn't like in his school just because she threatens him with a look... crap like this is the basis of char and story telling.

Art is quite bad but serviceable, the art style itself is badly drawn and the fights and actions feel disjointed and hard to follow.

Last, the comedy is quite childish or boils down to very base ecchi jokes.

All in all, not good, can;'t recommend it to grown-ups, maybe children might like it, couldn't say.

4/10 story
4/10 art
2/10 characters
3/10 overall

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